Grace, I just wanted to let you know what out of the countless planners I've bought over the years, yours is the only one that I still use. The other ones I usually give up on after 3 weeks max. I also bought 1 of the student planners as well last year and actually didn't start using it until the last month of school. Once I did, it made such a difference in our homeschooling. I can't really afford the planners right now, but then I couldn't afford NOT to. So I bit the bullet and I'm happy I did.  Crystal-West Kelowna, BC

I LOVE this planner!!! 
We have been using this for the last two years, and it has been a life saver!! As a busy homeschooling mom, I was looking for something that would track everything, all in one place! This planner does just that! Jen-Kelowna BC

I love that this planner has everything I need all in one place! It is so well thought out and helps organize my chaos to make life survivable and goals achievable. Best part is I don't have to find and organize sticky notes and to-do lists for the day.      Lindsay-Kelowna, B.C    

I have this planner to thank for my sanity this year. I've never been so organized, or seen a book with everything this planner has!! I love the design and layout Ive already bought my next one for next year!! So easy to keep track of my, no more random sticky notes and scrap pieces of paper! THANK YOU!! Lindsay-Abbotsford, B.C


I absolutely love my planner! It is stylish and has everything I need in one convenient place. I love the weekly pages with the meal planner right there on the bottom of each day. Makes it so much easier! And if I need to know what's going on next month I just flip over to the monthly overview! It has helped me be more organized and I love that! Meaghan-Salmon Arm, B.C

Not only does it offer all the practical tools to assist in the daily routine, but it's BEAUTIFULto look at!! 
As we venture into another school year, I have the confidence, that while some things may be busy and chaotic, planning my days and weeks doesn't have to be, and this is all thanks to the Home Life Planner! 

For the Student Planner: This planner saved our school year! It helped my daughter learn how to plan and I knew what she was getting accomplished. There was no more guesswork or confusion! We would sit at the beginning of the week and plan out what had to be done, then she would do it in what order worked for her. If I was busy, she knew already what she could do next. For the Life Planner: I have tried many planners over the years and so far this is the only one that has everything I need in it. I no longer need two or three planners to schedule, meal plan, budget and grocery shop! Elizabeth-Ellison BC

What else can I say other than the fact that I am head over heels in love with this planner!! Okay, that may be a bit overly enthusiastic ;) But truly, this planner is quite simply AMAZING! And may I add life changing as well! Absolutely EVERYTHING you need app packed into one undeniably gorgeous book! Allie- West Kelowna, BC  


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