How To Organize Your Purse

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Simple Tips To Keep Your Purse Decluttered and Organized

A purse is pretty much a staple for any girl, but it’s also a very practical accessory for carrying all the things we need to carry with us when we’re out of the house. 

 I’ve always loved being prepared regardless of where I’m going or what I’m doing. Whether it’s just me, or the whole family. Being prepared has saved me time and money, and helped others who may be needing something that I just happen to have with me. 

 Purses come in all colours, shapes and sizes, which make it fun, but regardless of how they look, they all tend to have one thing in common…

 They are a breeding ground for random items and can quickly become a dumping ground. It doesn’t take long for them to get disorganized and cluttered, leaving us digging for the essentials. Don’t even get me started on diaper bags ;)

 How often do you waste time digging in your purse for something? 

 Give your purse a makeover and quick declutter to save yourself time each day. 

How To Organize Your Purse

 There is a simple way to get your purse organized and keep it that way…even your purse doesn’t come with any built-in organizing pockets. 

 There are two parts to organizing your purse:

Part 1-Declutter

Part 2-Organize

 Part 1-How To Declutter Your Purse

 1.     The first step to organizing your purse is to take everything out and place it on a flat surface. Make sure to go through and empty the interior and exterior pockets as well. 

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 2.     Once everything is out, dump it over the sink or a trash can to get rid of the crumbs and debris. 

 3.     Sort items into similar piles. Here are some ideas of the piles you might have:

  • Garbage

  • Feminine produce

  • Beauty products (makeup, perfume, etc.)

  • First aid/medication

  • Wallet with cash, credit and debit cards

  • Hair items (hair ties, bobby pins)

  • Hand products (lotion, hand sanitizer, wipes)

  • Items you like to keep accessible (lip chap, gum or mints, hand wipes, hand sanitizer and Kleenex)

  • Pens and paper

Sort into piles of like items.jpg

Throw away wrappers, old receipts, expired coupons and put away anything that doesn’t belong in your purse (extra socks anyone?). If your wallet is not built into your purse, sort through the receipts, papers and coupons in there too. 

 Once everything is sorted, go through each item and ask yourself what is essential to keep in your bag? Do you really need 4 lipsticks or a full bottle of pain killers? 

 Is it possible to downsize? Many items come in travel size, such as makeup, lotions, deodorant, Tylenol, etc. Stick to 1 lipstick instead of multiples. 

 The plan here is to minimize what you carry around on a regular basis (less than 3lbs is ideal), so it’s less weight to carry and less to have to keep organized. This doesn’t mean that you’ll never grab your iPad or a book, you just don’t need to pack them around all the time. Only grab them when you know you will need them.


Part 2-How To Organize Your Purse

 1.     Pack the items that you use the most, first. For me this is lip chap, my phone, hand wipes, and keys. If you have outside pockets, store these items there for quick access. If not, use a small pouch to keep them all together. That way you don’t need to dig through your purse to find what you’re looking for; you know exactly where they are stored. 

My purse essentials

My purse essentials

Zipper pocket and interior pouches for essentials

Zipper pocket and interior pouches for essentials

 2.     Organize your items by creating kits to keep similar items together in pouches. To identify items quickly, use clear pouches (clear, sealable sandwich bags work too) or unique pouches for each kit. You can also use a purse organization insert if you’d prefer. These come with lots of different slots and pockets for organizing all your items. 

 For example, here are some kits you can create:

·      Feminine products

·      Makeup/beauty/hair items

·      Medication/first aid

·      Wallet/cash/cards/coupons

·      Stationary items

·      Miscellaneous items (for random items that don’t fall any of the other categories)

beauty kit

beauty kit

first aid/medication kit

first aid/medication kit

different pouch kits for bag.png

Once your kits are assembled, place them in your purse vertically, otherwise, if you stack them, you will have to dig to find each pouch. 

organized purse

organized purse

organized tote

organized tote

 Items To Keep In Your Purse

All if the items listed below are optional; it’s really up to you what is essential in your purse. 

Personally, if I’m heading out for a quick stop, I will bring just my keys, phone and wallet. Anything longer than that I grab my purse which is stocked with pretty much anything I might need.  

 ·      Wallet

·      Keys

·      Sunglasses

·      Phone

·      Pen or two

·      Hair ties and bobby pins

·      Kleenex

·      Small notebook

·      Lip chap

·      Band-Aids

·      Wipes

·      Deodorant

·      Compact mirror

·      Hand lotion

·      Nail file

·      Medication

·      Safety Pins

·      Feminine products

·      Snacks (nuts or bars)

·      Makeup

·      Phone charger

 Take less items in your purse if you can, or if you need to have more, keep a kit in your vehicle, such as first aid, beauty or tech items. 

 To wrap it all up, here are a few tips to remember:


Purse Organization Tips

·      Only keep must have essential

·      Keep important items easily accessible

·      Clean out at least once a week (it doesn’t take long, I promise)

·      Downsize items and use travel size options if available

·      Set limits. Instead of packing all of your makeup, do your makeup at home and just bring a few items to touch up

·      Create kits and make use of any exterior or interior pockets or purchase a purse organizing insert

·      Put things back in their designated pouches or pockets when you are done with them

·      Only store cash, cards, receipts and coupons in your wallet. Don’t leave these floating around in your purse

·      If you need to bring a lot of medication with you, store it in a weekly pill container and label what’s in each compartment

fully organized tote and ready to go

fully organized tote and ready to go

fully organized purse

fully organized purse

That’s the simple way to keep your purse organized. Maintaining it a couple minutes a week will keep it in order, make items easy to find, as well as save you from having to dig to find things. 

 I love that these tips for keeping your purse organized, will work for any type of bag/school bag/backpack/ or diaper bag. 

 What tip do you think is the most useful for keeping your purse organized? Leave your reply in the comments below.