Why You Need To Overhaul Your Day With A Morning Makeover

the best morning routine for moms

Best Morning Routine For Mom

It’s possible to improve your days, as a mom, with a morning routine that is best for your busy life.

Having simple routines and habits in place at the beginning of the day can makeover your day-to-day. Making over your day with routines and habits, can help you accomplish chores, take care of your family, fit in some self-care and get to things that have been on the backburner for far too long. 

When we are intentional with how we spend our time, we either set ourselves up for productivity, or set ourselves up for overwhelm. Routines and systems can help us be productive, keep the house clean, with less stress, and enable us to enjoy our day more. 

Our morning routine is how we start our day and it sets the tone for the entire day. 

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to settle for overwhelm as a stay at home mom.

There are seasons in life when overwhelm is going to happen, when we are juggling so much that it is unavoidable. That could be a new baby, a new job, lots of little ones, house renovations, a move, etc. 

It happens, but overwhelm and chaos shouldn’t be our “normal” for too long because they can lead to burnout.

Family life can be hectic and if you are homeschooling, or working in the home or outside of the home, those add to the chaos too. However, there is more to life than just being busy.

Family life is meant to be a joy and blessing to us, but sometimes I think we can lose sight of that in the chaos of life.

If you find yourself feeling completely defeated and buried by life most the time, my friend, you are not alone. You probably need an overhaul of your commitments and priorities, as well as a makeover to your morning and night time routines.

Why You Need A Morning Routine With Good Habits

Here’s what happens when we don’t have a morning routine:

·      We feel frustrated because there’s something always getting put on the back burner that we really want or need to get to 

·      We wake up already feeling behind for the day

·      We are trying to juggle it all and always on the go, but rarely have anything to show for our busyness

·      We know we should be taking better care of ourselves, but we aren’t sure how to fit it in

·      We want to get more accomplished around the home, but can’t find the time

Are any of these applicable to you? If you said, “yes”, then a morning makeover would be a benefit to you. 

That was me a few years ago. I felt like I had finally figured out a good routine for keeping my home in order, but then we started homeschooling. I eventually figured out how to balance homeschooling and homemaking, but taking time to take care of myself or to work on projects that I wanted to do (such as blogging) were constantly getting neglected. 

I knew I could do more, but I needed to be strategic in order to get everything covered. So, I overhauled my morning and my evening routines. This has been one of the best things I’ve done for my mom life. 

Having routines and habits we put in place when we get up in the morning and before we go to bed, can greatly affect our days.

We need to overhaul our evenings AND mornings to accomplish all that we need to, and still be able to slow down and enjoy our families and our lives. 

From experience, I have found that a productive, stress free day starts the night before. But how do we keep the momentum going throughout the day once we have our evening routine on a roll?

Before you start overhauling your mornings, ask yourself, what is it that you hope to get out of your days?

Do you want to tackle the day with joy, peace and productivity? Are you tired of settling for the hamster wheel, always on the go, but never getting anywhere?

There are 9 things that you could do each morning before 9 am and if that’s all you got done for the day (including the night routine), you would feel like you already accomplished more than most days of the week? 

Accomplishing tasks right from the get-go, encourages you to keep going and frees you up to do something spontaneous or move onto other projects and do other things that you have wanted to do.

I have tried all of these tasks when my kids are awake in the morning. It’s 10x’s harder and takes 10x’s longer to do, than if I get the majority of them done before they get up in the morning.

I know it can be painful, but my recommendation is that you get up at least an hour before your children. This one is not on the list, but to enable you to get most of these things done in the shortest amount of time possible, you will have to get up earlier. I’m sorry, but it will be worth it ;) 

Are you ready to keep the momentum from your night routine the night before continuing into your day? Let's do this!

My challenge to you is to implement these 9 habits to your mornings and also continue with your evening routine; the two work hand-in hand.

Your morning routine will depend if and for how long you exercise for, or how long you take to get showered and ready for the day. Potentially you could do most of these tasks in less than an hour. That time spent will be so worth it!

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9 Morning Habits For A Productive Day 

1.       Have a quiet time (10 minutes)

Spend a few minutes before you get going with your day praying and reading the Word. This is a great way to set the tone of your day. 

2.       Make your bed (1 minute)

Not only is it fun to check it off the list, but it also instantly makes your room look tidier.

3.       Drink A Glass of Water (1 minute)

Drink a glass of water or water with fresh lemon first thing in the morning, and keep this up throughout the day to make sure you stay hydrated. 

4.       Exercise (15-45min)

This is a fantastic form of self-care. Even if it’s only 15 minutes, it will boost your energy, boost endorphins and make your skin glow. Check out this workout that you do 3x's a day for 4 min. This is great for those short on time. 

There are also a ton of free workouts, for all levels that you can find here. 

5.       Shower and get yourself dressed and ready for the day (15-30min)

Spending your day in your pajamas does not make a person feel productive. Get yourself ready for the day, so you’re ready to go with whatever might come up. 

6.       Start a load of laundry (5 minutes)

Laundry with a family never ends. Keep it from getting out of hand by doing at least one load a day. 

7.       Unload the dishwasher (5-10 minutes) (my kids are usually up when I get to this one and this could easily be assigned to a child to do)

If your dishwasher was going last night after dinner, empty it first thing, so that it’s ready to go and the dishes don’t pile up in the sink or on the counters. 

8.       Go over the days to-do list (5 minutes)

Going over your days list of to-do’s gives you an idea of what’s coming up and what needs to be accomplished that day. It also helps you plan ahead if need be. 

9.       Get dinner started-marinade meat, chop veggies, make a salad or get everything into the slow cooker (15-30minutes) (my kids are usually up when I get to this one)

By the end of the day who’s really up for making dinner? Make things easier and avoid the “what’s for dinner?” chaos by prepping as much as you can ahead of time. This will make getting dinner on the table much simpler. 


Morning Routine Example:

My morning usually starts between 4 and 5 am (*Please note, getting up this early is not a requirement to conquering your morning. Getting up this early is my personal preference). I started getting up that early to make sure that I can get all that I need to get done before the kids get up. With homeschooling the kids are home all day, every day so if there are things I want to get done before they get up, I have to get up early.

It hasn’t always been this early. I started getting up this early to get writing done before the kids get up. I find that I can concentrate better when nobody else is up and get it out of the way before the day really starts.  

·      4am - Get up and have a quiet time

·      4:15am – Write/Work

·      6:30am – Exercise

·      7am – Shower (kids get up around this time)

·      Start laundry (after shower)

·      Unload Dishwasher 

·      Start dinner prep (after breakfast)


 That's it! There's a good chance you do most of these throughout the day already, but getting them done first thing, is a HUGE head start on the day.

In the evening overhaul post, I included a daily checklist printable (get yours here). A few of the morning routine habits are also included on that list. For your copy of the printable, you can find it here.

Add these 9 things to your morning routine and see how they can help transform you days!

·     Have a quiet time (10 minutes)

·     Make your bed (1 minute)

·     Drink A Glass of Water (1 minute)

·     Exercise (15-45min)

·     Shower and get yourself dressed and ready for the day (15-30min)

·     Start a load of laundry (5 minutes)

·     Unload the dishwasher (5-10 minutes) (my kids are usually up when I get to this one)

·     Go over the days to-do list (5 minutes)

·     Get dinner started-marinade meat, chop veggies, make a salad or get everything into the slow cooker (15-30minutes)

If you are new to establishing a morning routine, don’t jump in and try to do them all at once. You probably do most of them throughout the day anyway, so start with doing 2-3 habits before the kids get up and establish those to makeover your days before you add more to your routine. Remember you don’t have to get up at 4 or 5am. Get up at whatever time you need to.

 Pick the ones that you know would have the biggest impact on your day. Do you tend to spend most of the day in your pj’s? Then get dressed and ready for the day before the kids are up.

 Is getting dinner ready a struggle? Then get dinner started early in the day.

 Do you want to exercise, but can’t seem to fit it in? Then start there. Get a workout in before the kids are up. 

 Whether you are a stay at home mom (SAHM) with little ones, or with kids in school; a working mom, or homeschool mom...or any combination, these 9 habits will be a huge help in starting your day off in the best way possible. 

Which morning routine habits are you most excited about and which ones are you least excited about?

Do you already have a morning routine established? Reply in the comments below. 

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