The Best Night Routine For Moms

the best evening routine for moms

Overhaul Your Evenings and Transform Your Days

Having a night routine has been a life saver for my life as a busy mom, and it’s helped to transform my days. 

I was tired of the mornings where I felt behind for the day, before my feet had even hit the ground. 

I would sleep in a little longer than I should and avoid getting up as long as I could, because tackling the day seemed so overwhelming.

The dirty laundry pile was growing and the dishes were sitting in the sink, waiting for me.

I don’t know about you, but I hate starting my day that way. 

When my day starts out feeling behind, that behind feeling tends to follow me the rest of the day. Everything feels a little more overwhelming and stressful…especially if we have lots going on that day or we have to head out the door that morning.

There is such a difference on the days that I start my day off right with my morning routine; I feel so much more productive and less stressed or overwhelmed. However, I have learned that starting the day off right, actually begins the night before, with a simple night routine.

How A Simple Night Routine Can Transform Your Days

Being a homeschool family we don’t go out every morning, or even every day, which is great for me (I’m a homebody), but I found that on the days we were going out, I was being more proactive and more productive. I was keeping my home in order, getting us out the door on time and our meals were taken care of that day…even with the busyness of being out of the house.

How was that possible? How was I being more productive when I was busier than usual?

When I thought about it, I realized that I would prepare the night before, when I knew we would be out of the house the next day. Meals were ready, clothing ready, house was mostly clean and mostly caught up. I knew what needed to be done and I did it, so that I could enjoy my time out and not come home to a disaster or feeling like I had lots to catch up on.

I decided I wanted to start each day feeling on top of things, and not just when went out. I started to overhaul my evening routine and the results have been fantastic! But I still have to be intentional to do them. I have to say that just because I know what works, it doesn’t mean I always do it, and it doesn’t mean it’s always easy. Although it has gotten easier over the years.

There are nights I’d much rather binge watch Netflix than do the dishes. Getting the kitchen cleaned up before bed is something I have to be deliberate about, and continue to make it a priority every single night. At the end of the day, the last thing I want to do is dishes, however, I know what tomorrow will be like, if it starts with a sink full of dirty dishes, dirty counters and messy floors. 

I want to enjoy my days without feeling like I’m cleaning all the time, without ever getting ahead. 

Evening Makeover Challenge 

I have a challenge for you because I know the results are worth it.

Would you like to overhaul your days and feel on top of things, instead of struggling to keep your head above water? Would you like to get of the hamster wheel and feel productive when it comes to keeping your home in order?

If you answered “yes”, then keep reading.

My challenge to you, is to try these 11 things for the next 2 weeks and see how it can change your life. Not in a huge, earthshattering way, but in a simple, practical way. I would love to hear how they impact your days.

11 Steps to Overhaul Your Evenings and Transform Your Days

(get your copy of the printablehere).

*Don’t feel like you have to do these all on your own; if you can, delegate to other family members and make it a team effort. 

1.    Do A 15 Minute Whole House Tidy-put things back where they belong (2x’s a day, morning and evening; 15 minutes each time…although sometimes it takes less time)

2.    Do A Quick Vacuum or Sweep of The Main Areas

3.     Quickly Wipe Down the Bathroom (counters/sink/mirrors…if you have cleaning wipes under the sink in the bathroom, this can be a really quick task)

4.     Breakfast Prep (if there’s no prep required, at least figure out what you’re having)

5.     Load/Start Dishwasher & Wash Remaining Dishes

6.     Tidy Kitchen & Wipe Down Kitchen Counters and Appliances

7.     Get Ready for The Next Day (if you are going out, pick out clothes, pack food/water/snacks)

8.     Create and Go Over Your To-Do List and Agenda for the Next Day

9.     Empty Garbage & Recycle

10.  Spend Time Reading Something That Builds You Up and Encourages You (such as the Bible, books on parenting or marriage, or a devotional) or spend some time journaling 

11.  Go to bed by 10pm (getting enough rest is important to our health and it can greatly affect how we handle our days)

There will be days that this is too much and you really do need to just crawl into bed regardless of the sink full of dishes. That’s ok once in a while, but don’t let it become a habit.

There will also be times where everything stayed in order (for the most part) throughout the day and you only need to do a couple of the tasks.  However that looks, challenge yourself to follow this for the next 2 weeks to the best of your ability.

When my kids were little I went through a time where I wasn’t disciplined to get these done, and my days suffered because of it. I was frustrated, discouraged and overwhelmed, feeling like I was always playing catch up. I wanted a clean and tidy home, but I also want to enjoy my life.

I finally decided I was going to be disciplined with doing these things every night and it made such a difference to my days. Not only did the night routine help me be intentional about with how I was keeping the home, it also helped me incorporate some self-care into the routine.  The kids went to bed early enough that even after I had completed my evening chores, my hubby and I were still left with some down time in the evening. 

Now, they are older and up later, but they are also capable of doing many of the 11 tasks on the list. That means if we work together as a family in the evenings, it gets done faster, and mommy and daddy still get a bit of quiet time at the end of the day. Woohoo!!

daily routine homemaking checklist

daily routine homemaking checklist


A checklist is great for keeping track of to-do’s and it’s just so satisfying to check things off! Who doesn’t like the feeling of accomplishment?

I know I’m not the only one who enjoys a good checklist, so I created a free printable for you to use to help you implement these 11 steps to transform your days

11 Evening Tasks To Transform Your Days

·      15 Minute Tidy 2x’s Day

·      Vacuum/Sweep Main Areas

·      Wipe Down Bathroom Sinks and Counters

·      Breakfast Prep

·      Dishes

·      Tidy Kitchen and Counters

·      Get Ready for The Next Day

·      Make Your to Do List and Agenda for The Next Day

·      Empty Garbage’s and Recycle

·      Read A Book

·      Go to Bed By 10pm


Which of these tasks do you already do on a consistent basis, and which task would you like to be more consistent with? Let me know in the comments below.

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