Easy And Natural Ways To Boost You Family's Immune System

Foods To Boost Immune System

Foods To Boost Immune System

Boost Your Family's Immune System With Easy And Natural Methods

I am not a health expert and I do not have a degree in medicine. I am a mom looking to keep her family healthy in the best way I know how.

Personally, I prefer a more natural approach when it comes to our health, and I love learning about how we can take care of our bodies with natural methods, ingredients and sources. As a mama, I feel it is my job to do my best to keep my family healthy.

Winter has been labelled “Flu Season”  and while it is true that in Winter there tend to be many illnesses going around, I want to do my best to avoid them for my family and myself. I may not be an expert, but these are a number of things we do to bolster our immune systems or aid in our recovery. We still get the occasional ailment, but when we do, we tend to bounce back pretty quick.

Research shows that these 4 things are your best defence to help you avoid “Flu Season”

·      Get proper rest. Your body needs proper rest to function properly and that means fighting off any illness. Lack of sleep can weaken your immune system.

·      Avoid sugar as sugar weakens your immune system.

·      Get exercise. Exercise is an excellent preventative against cold and flu.  

·      Add immune boosting/fighting foods to your diet.

Supplements to boost your immune system

Supplements to boost your immune system


Food to use in your diet on a regular basis to help keep sickness away.

·      Probiotics

·      Plain Yogurt (with probiotics)

·      Kefir

·      Sauerkraut

·     Kombucha

·      Colloidal Silver

·      Bone Broth

·      Coconut Oil (antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral)

·      A-Z Powder for Vitamins and Minerals (or another greens supplement)

·      Cod Liver Oil

·      Essentials Oils in a diffuser and on the soles of our feet (Young Living Oil Thieves)

·      Incorporate ginger, garlic, turmeric and cinnamon. I add these to our meals whenever I can.

One of our favourite smoothies is my Mango Ginger Turmeric Smoothie.  It packs an immune boosting punch!

When someone comes down with cold or flu symptoms, we continue to use everything above and add:

 ·      Apple Cider Vinegar “Tea” with a touch of honey

·      Lemon & Ginger tea

·      Oil of Oregano

·      Homeopathic Sinus Tabs (relieves sinus headaches and congestion)

·      Chicken Noodle Soup

·      Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

·      Homemade Vapour Rub

·      Hot water bottle

 *Please note, if there is vomiting involved with the flu, limit intake to small amounts of liquid at a time, until the person can hold those down. Slowly build up from there with broth, banana, crackers or applesauce.

Don’t get overwhelmed

I have to admit, that there was a time where I felt overwhelmed by the number of supplements, and food items that the experts say I should be adding to my family’s diet. There are so many things that are recommended, but I don’t do them all. I do my best with what I have.

Don’t overwhelm yourself by feeling like you have to do it all! Do what you can.

If you are just starting out, pick 3-4 food items to add to your diet, as well as making sure to get proper rest, exercise and avoiding sugar. You and your family will appreciate the benefits these things will add to your health.

What is your favourite way to improve your family's health?