13 Quick and Easy Family Meal Ideas

13 Family Dinner Ideas That Are Fast And Easy

13 Family Dinner Ideas That Are Fast And Easy

13 Quick and Easy Family Meal Ideas

There are days I hit cooking burn out. I really don’t want to cook, I don’t know what to cook, and it’s getting close to dinner time. 

I need something that’s quick and easy to make, and something my family will enjoy.

We’ve all been there, right?

Sometime it's because I don't know what to cook, but more often than not, those burn out days come when I haven’t had a chance to grocery shop in a while, so I’m unprepared and the cupboards are pretty bare.

I have gotten really good at coming up with some interesting and tasty concoctions with ingredients that I have on hand, but sometimes even that isn’t possible.

My family still needs to eat (I’ve tried to convince them otherwise), but there are times when I need to create a meal with as little effort (for my sake) and as quickly (for theirs) as possible.

There have been times where I have gone to the grocery store to shop late in the day and while I’m there I plan to grab something for dinner.  Too often I was wandering around the store like I was lost because I had no idea what I was going to serve for dinner. I couldn’t justify spending so much on a frozen meal and I didn’t want to pick up take out; I also didn’t have time to make anything from scratch. I had to come up with a fail proof plan for feeding my family on the fly.

I decided to create a list of quick meal ideas with an ingredients list to make this easy peasy. I keep this list on my phone for quick ideas and a ready-made shopping list. I don't use a recipe for these, so I haven't included any as they're pretty straight forward. This is just the shopping lists. If you need more explanation, please let me know in the comments :).

Go-To Fast And Simple Dinner Ideas

Quesadillas-(chicken and cheese or bean and cheese)

·     Tortillas

·     Cheese

·     Rotisserie Chicken or Canned Refried Beans

·     Sour Cream

·     Salsa

·     Bagged or Boxed Salad


Chicken and Rice

·     Rotisserie Chicken

·     Rice

·     Cheese

·     Diced Tomatoes or Salsa

·     Sour Cream

·     Can of Black Beans

·     Bagged Salad

·     Fresh Tomatoes

·     Guacamole or Avocado


Homemade Pizza

·     Pizza Crusts, Flat Bread or Naan

·     Sandwich Meat or Rotisserie Chicken

·     Cheese

·     Veggies for Pizza (peppers, spinach, onions, etc.)

·     Pasta sauce or pizza sauce



·     Ravioli (packaged, in fridge section, not canned)

·     Sauce of choice

·     Fresh Parmesan Cheese

·     Bagged or Boxed Salad


Sausage and Rice

·     Smokies or Sausage

·     Rice

·     Frozen Veggies

·     Cheese

·     Chicken Broth (for cooking rice)



Chicken Caesar Salad

·     Rotisserie Chicken

·     Romaine Lettuce

·     Caesar Dressing

·     Parmesan Cheese (fresh)

·     Pita Bread, Buns or Croutons



Pulled BBQ Chicken and Coleslaw on Buns

·     Buns (top with mixed coleslaw and shredded, bbq chicken)

·     Rotisserie Chicken (shred, add bbq sauce, stir well)

·     Coleslaw mix

·     BBQ Sauce

·     Mayonnaise (mix with coleslaw)


Eggs in a nest

·     Bread

·     Butter

·     Eggs

·     Cheese

·     Veggie Tray


Chicken Taco Salad

·     Romaine Lettuce

·     Fresh Tomatoes

·     Can of Black Beans

·     Corn (canned or frozen)

·     Grated Cheese

·     Tortilla Chips

·     Rotisserie Chicken

·     Salsa

·     Sour Cream


Greek Wraps

·     Wraps (Pita pockets or tortillas)

·     Rotisserie Chicken

·     Tzatziki

·     Feta

·     Olives

·     Romaine Lettuce

·     Tomatoes

·     Cucumbers


Greek Chicken and Rice Bowls

(Same ingredients as above, substitute wraps for rice)


Greek Pasta Salad

(Same as above, substitute wraps for pasta)


Tuna, Pea and Pesto Arugula Pasta Salad

·     Peas

·     Pasta

·     Arugula

·     Pesto

·     Fresh Parmesan

·     Canned Tuna


 If you’re looking for some quick, last minute dinner ideas, give these a try.

Add the list to your phone for quick reference. You’ll be happy you did when you’re wondering around the store looking for something to bring home for supper.

What is your favourite "on the fly" dinner idea?