The Not So Pretty Confessions Of A Homeschool Mom

The Not So Pretty Confessions of a Home School Mom.png

The Not So Pretty Confessions Of A Homeschool Mom

Homeschooling is hard and there are days I don’t want to do it, but I’m going to keep showing up because there are many benefits to homeschooling and I know it’s worth it.

But honestly? Most weeks I want to quit at some point or another. 

I have been a homeschooling mom for the last 9 years and having the opportunity to homeschool my 4 children has been a blessing, but…

There are many pros and cons when schooling at home, so I’ll admit that I have a love /hate relationship with homeschooling.

I’m not complaining

I absolutely think homeschooling is the best fit for our family, but knowing it’s what’s best for our family, doesn’t make it easy. It's still hard. 

Like, really hard at times. 

There are days, where I would much rather send my children to school because homeschooling and having kids home all day can be tough, and truth is, somedays I’d rather not deal with all the struggles that go with it. 

There are many things I enjoy about it, but there’s also the stuff I don’t.

The not so enjoyable parts of homeschooling

  • The pushback I get at times when children don’t want to do their work

  • Constantly having to tell children to focus, get back to their work and stop being a distraction to others 

  • Days where schooling takes until long after dinner because someone was fooling around

  • Times where I spend lots of time putting together a portfolio and a report to submit for each child, only to find out we’re missing topics and need to do even more work

  • The moments where I could really use some alone time or at least some quiet

  • The times where we could use some more income and I’d like to be working for pay rather than going over fractions…again

  • Days where I feel like I’m playing referee because we are in each others spaces all day, every day, and people are getting snarky with each other 

Those are the tough moments; the times I want to throw in the towel.

But I’m not finished yet!

Strength in weakness

It's the struggles, the hard stuff, that makes us stronger… or at least it has the potential to, when we see it through. 

Please understand, there are so many things I love about homeschooling. See my pros and cons list for homeschooling here. 

I love having my kids home all day… 

But…as most stay-at-home moms can relate, this can also be exhausting. Never a moment of quiet. 

When they're home all day, there’s rarely a moment where everything is clean and

stays clean for more than 5 minutes. 

But…there’s that

I love being able to take credit for their reading skills, and getting to watch them learn new things is fun, but it takes work on my part.

Consistent work. 

Watching them work independently and figure out the hard stuff is a

glimpse at their future work ethic, but that hasn’t been without sweat, tears and plenty of

prayer on my part. 

Don’t be a Jonah ;)

I didn’t plan on being a homeschooling mom because truthfully, I like working.

But we know, God called our family to home school. You can read more about our story here

Me, if I’m not homeschooling, is going against what we know is right for our family. 

Have you heard the Bible story of Jonah and how he thought he could escape what God had told him to do? 

He ended up being thrown overboard and getting swallowed by a whale. After all that, he still had to go do what God had told him to do in the first place. 

Growing up is hard to do

I’ve come to realize that homeschooling is as much about our children and raising them up in the way they should go, as it is about me growing up into who God has created me to be.

Growing up is tough! It’s hard to do the tough stuff and show up day after day, when it’s

not what you “want” to be doing. It’s a constant refining of our attitudes and our character. 

It’s not comfortable or easy.

As moms, we are raising the next generation.

Is it easy? No. 

But is it worth it? Yes!

Life lessons

I have learned my greatest lessons and grown up more since becoming a mom and homeschooling my children than any other time in my life. 

I am not homeschooling because I have an extra dose of patience. 

Believe me, I raise my voice, get stressed and frustrated with my children more often than I would like…and usually it has to do with homeschooling.

I really don’t want to spend my time picking curriculum, marking tests, explaining something for the hundredth time, or reporting to contact teachers. 

This is not how I would choose to spend my time, but it is how God has asked me to spend the time He has given me. I need to be obedient and intentional with it. 

In motherhood we are constantly laying down our lives for our children. The same goes for homeschooling. 

I’m not going to lie

If you ask me how home-schooling is going or if I enjoy it, I will tell you “it’s great” and

“yes” I enjoy it. Because I do! 

But there are times that I don’t enjoy it and that’s ok. Not every moment in life is meant to be enjoyable. 

There are times that are frustrating, exhausting and downright unenjoyable. There are moments I want to walk away.

In those moments I take a breather and remind myself of the big picture. The long term goals and the value of what I’m doing. 

I take my frustrations to the One who has called me and thru Him I can do all things. 

Surrounding myself with friends who understand the struggle is also encouraging.

Doing the hard things matter

When we continue to do the hard things; the things we don’t really “want” to do, we are setting a precedent for our children.

They watch us do the hard stuff and see it through. They see the example of us showing up day after day.

I know when all my children have finished schooling at home, I will not look back and see it as wasted time. The world may see it that way, but it’s not the worlds opinion that matters. 

These school years at home are an opportunity to pour more into our relationships with our children and their relationships with their siblings. 

Homeschooling gives the opportunity to cultivate who they ARE, without the world telling them who they should be.

So yes, homeschooling is hard and there are days I don’t want to do it, but I’m going to keep showing up because I know it’s worth it.