Homeschool Organization Without A School Room

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How To Organize Your Homeschool Without A School Room

Today I’m going to walk you through how I organize our homeschool resources without a school room.

Ok, so we don’t really have a homeschool room. At times this drives me crazy and other times it’s fine. For someone who loves to organize, not having a specific room for schooling can be extremely frustrating. However, it has allowed me to flex my creative, small space organization skills.

Schooling happens at the kitchen table, so yes, we have to pack it up for every meal/snack. Not the most convenient, but we’ve gotten used to it. I think it actually helps us keep things in order a bit more because we have to. A place for everything and everything in its place…. not sure who said that, but I like it!

We mostly live on the main floor of our house (downstairs is the laundry room and a bit of storage), which is just over 1,100sq feet. My brothers occupy the other half of the school room/play room/ 2nd bathroom…basement. I often dream of the day we get to use that space, but don’t tell them that.

I have had to get really creative with my organizing and also had to simplify a lot.

Our kitchen and dining room are connected and the dining room leads into the living room. I have organized all the school supplies between the kitchen, living room and dining room, plus a few shelves in our bedroom.

When I first started homeschooling my first child, I couldn’t imagine doing it without a schoolroom. Where was I going to put everything? 6 years in and 3 kids schooling and I’ve had to give up on the idea of a schoolroom and get creative. These are the areas I have in each room for school items.

How To Organize Your Homeschool Curriculum and Supplies

How I Organize Our Homeschool Resources Without A School Room

In the kitchen I use two cabinets. In there I store:

  • Messy art supplies (paint, pastels…things I don’t want my toddler getting into)

  • A binder for each child for their completed tests

  • A stacking desk filer for things I need to go through and look at or file away

  • Pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners, pencil grips, etc. are in the drawer

Completed tests and files

Completed tests and files

Art/Craft Suppplies

Art/Craft Suppplies


On the counter under the one cupboard I have some magazine file boxes where the kids each keep their daily workbooks. The books we don’t use daily are kept on the bookshelf.

Between the kitchen and dining room there is a wall that used to hold a built in ironing board. My hubby took out the ironing board, filled the hole, and we have turned it into our command center.

We have a magnetic white board attached to the wall, clipboards with the kids task charts and an AWESOME shoe storage cabinet from IKEA…. except we don’t use it for shoes.

I was so excited when I found this little cabinet. I have tried putting a bookshelf or desk there at different times, but they were way too wide. The shoe cabinet fits perfectly in that space and works well for holding books. I have stored my recipe binders, kids score key binders, art books and Bibles each in a drawer. I LOVE it!!

It’s handy to have right there. More storage, YAY!!

Small space storage for homeschool resources

Small space storage for homeschool resources


I also have a dresser along the wall that serves as a hutch in the dining room.

In here I keep:

  • Flashcards, wrap ups

  • Dry erase boards and coloring placemats

  • Scissors, glue, crayons, mini markers, rulers

  • Scrap paper, coloring books, sticker books

  • Construction and art paper

  • Phonic cards

  • Table linens (not for school)

Above the dresser is a magnetic chalkboard and 2 hanging wall files, with 2 pockets each. Each of the 3 older kids can put worksheets, or special papers they’re working on in there. We go thru it weekly to make sure it doesn’t get to full.

Homeschool supplies organization idea

Homeschool supplies organization idea


In the living room we have two bookshelves and a large basket full of books. I have organized the resource books according to subject: science, socials, math, etc.

Organized Homeschool resources

Organized Homeschool resources


The last place we store school resources is in my hubby’s bedroom and mine. In here I have some wooden crates turned sideways and stacked 3 high. I keep binders in there with score keys for each of the kids subjects.

That is how I have organized our homeschool space(s). I know it's not amazing or beautifully matching, but I know where everything is. I get so excited when I get to put it all together neat and tidy. Oh yeah, and for the record, it doesn't always look like this.  I try, but we live here and things get used daily and I seem to be the only one that really appreciates a well organized/tidy space. 

So there you have it. Maybe these will picture will give you an idea or two to utilize the space and items you have for homeschool. 

Happy organizing !

home school organization without a school room