Homeschool Curriculum For Grade 5

Grade 5 Homeschool Curriculum and Resources

Grade 5 Homeschool Curriculum and Resources

Homeschool Curriculum For Grade 5

My oldest is 10 this year and going into grade 5.

This little lady is just that, a little lady. Scary thought to think she’ll be a teenager in a few years, it miiiiight just be time for daddy to get a shotgun! ;)

I am looking forward to this school year for her. She loves to learn and read and works hard on her daily academic goals. It has been an answer to prayer. There were days where I thought I was going to lose it…like lock myself in the closet with Ben and Jerry’s lose it!!

Homeschooling Kindergarten-Grade 3 with her was a struggle. She is a smart cookie and has an incredible memory, but she got distracted so easily, which is really easy to do when everyone is schooling and playing in the same area. This made the schoolwork draaaag on and on…every. Single. Day.

She is motivated (in most subjects) and loves learning and is excited to start her new books.

This is a list of the homeschool curriculum and resources I have chosen for her grade 5 year.


ACE School Of Tomorrow

-Language Arts (reading, writing, spelling, etc.)


-Social Studies (history, geography, etc.)

Living Books For Life

-Health and Career (Grade 5)

Sylvan Math

-Math (Grade 4)

I have decided to have her repeat grade 4 Math before moving her forward to the next grade. I want to make sure she has grasped the concepts and has a stronger foundation before moving onto grade 5.


-Piano Lessons and Ballet


 Integrity for Kids


 Math U See

-Math (supplemental)

This year Hannah is helping to “teach” her younger brothers math, using Math U See. My hope is that this will help to strengthen her understanding in math. We will do this as a group before each individual goes onto their own math workbook.

 Artistic Pursuits

-General Arts

 Family Fitness


Second Language

-Still deciding this one !