A Day In The Life Of A Home School Family

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A Day In The Life Of A Home School Family

 Reading about the day in the life of a home-school family may not be the most exciting thing you will ever read. But, personally, I have found them a great source of inspiration and ideas even after homeschooling my own children for the last 9 ½ years.  

 Then again, maybe I’m just curious. I’ve always loved checking out, The Day in The Life of a Homeschool Mom, posts. It can be encouraging and inspiring to see and hear how others live this journey of being a homeschool mama. I usually end up on a long rabbit trail, going from one post to the next, pretty much stalking them throughout their posts. 

 Ha! But in all seriousness, there’s so much that we can learn from one another, which is why I am sharing here, today, what our typical homeschool day looks like. 

 No two days are exactly alike, but I do try to stick to a routine of sorts. While we do have routine and some structure, the kids also have lots of time to play and just enjoy childhood. 


There Is No Such Thing As The Perfect Homeschool 

 When it comes to homeschooling, every family situation is different, whether that be:

·      how they homeschool

·      what type of curriculum they use

·      how they got started

·      how many kids they have

·      whether mom works or not

·      what type of extracurricular activities they participate in 

·      routine vs. schedule

·      how they balance motherhood, homeschooling and homemaking

·      and so much more


There are many different factors, and when I read about other families, I usually pick up a tidbit or two that I could use in our homeschooling or even in my homemaking and meal prep or planning.  

 Don’t try to model your day after someone else’s routine because you will just end up frustrated and discouraged. Do what works for you. If what you’re doing isn’t working, then try to add a new idea or way of doing something, but don’t completely overhaul everything at once because of what someone else’s day looks like.  

 I think reading about another homeschool family’s typical day is not only helpful for those that are just getting their feet wet and wondering how this homeschooling thing works, but also those of us that have been around home-schooling for a while and need some new encouragement or tips.

 With that being said, I have decided to give you a sneak peek into what our homeschool day looks like, for myself as mama and for the kids. 

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Our Homeschool Life

 Every year looks different for us, because the circumstances change each year. There were many years when the kids were younger, I had a newborn and I was just getting started with the business of making the Home Life Planner. At that time, my mom was here multiple times a week helping with the schooling, so that I could work on our business (we’re business partners). 

 That was a huge help to me otherwise I never would be been able to create the Home Life and Student Planners that I did. Then things changed again and over the last few years we don’t see her as often anymore and when we do, it’s for a visit, not schooling…although, the kids are quick to rope her into helping them if she’s here ;)

 First, before we start, one thing we have to remember when we look into someone else’s life is not to compare. It’s easy to get caught up in comparisons, whether that’s to make ourselves look better or make ourselves feel worse because we aren’t doing what another mom may be doing. 

 Can I just say, that none of us are the same? We all have different family situations, but we also have different personalities, strengths and weaknesses. 

 Just because one mom teaches 3 different languages, makes everything from scratch and plans the entire school year for all 12 kids herself, doesn’t mean that you are failing if you don’t do these things. 

 We also shouldn’t compare and say, well of course she can do all that! Her husband is home all day and is a huge help with the schooling. 

 Don’t do that, ok? 

 We never know what another person’s life is really like and what the battles (internally or externally) or struggles they are facing on a daily basis are. 

 Does that make sense? 


A Day In The Life Of Our Homeschool Family 

 Without rambling further, here is what the day to day homeschooling life looks like for us.

 Here are some details that may be of interest:

·      The kids are 13 (grade 8), 11 (grade 6), 9 (grade 4) and 5 (Kindergarten)

·      Our children have co-op once a week and with that they cover all their science and social studies for the year, so we don’t cover those subject at home except for homework and other special interest things. 

This is our third year of being involved at co-op, except for years ago when the two oldest were in Kindergarten and grade 2. 

·      We do a 4-day school week. Monday-Thursday, with one day being co-op. We use Friday for catching up on assignments/homework, outings, playdates and crafts. 

·      While the goal is to officially start by 9am, that doesn’t always happen. Sometimes we start earlier, sometimes later. 

·      After many years of schooling at the dining room table, we finally have a school room. I wish we used it on a more consistent basis, but sometimes it’s just easier to school at the table when I am trying to juggle housework and meals, along with the schooling. 

·      We also don’t have set times for what subject they do or any particular order in which they do them, other than Bible and PE. We don’t do many subjects together, so they all start with something different and work at their own pace. 

Some of them work quickly and well on their own, while others need a little more encouragement and help to keep going. 

Our youngest is in Kindergarten and this requires my full attention. Some days my eldest will do the lesson with her if I am trying to get caught up on something or someone else is needing my help with their school work. 

weekly homeschool schedule

weekly homeschool schedule



Our Homeschool Schedule and Routine

4-5am-I try to wake up early to get a head start on the day. For me that means getting in a quiet time, doing a couple hours of work and exercising before the kids are up. This is my ideal, but it doesn’t always happen. If I went to bed far too late for that early of a morning, I will sleep in until 6:30am.  

homeschool mom daily routine-quiet time

homeschool mom daily routine-quiet time

homeschool mom routine-exercise

homeschool mom routine-exercise

7am-Kids are usually up at this time, however if they do end up waking before this time, they get a head start on their workbooks. 

homeschool morning.jpg

I shower at this time and get myself ready for the day. 

7:30am-Make breakfast (it’s either myself or one of the 3 older kids that will make it). 

go big or go home! why make one meal when you can make 4 ;)

go big or go home! why make one meal when you can make 4 ;)


Throw on a load of laundry.

homeschool mom daily routine

homeschool mom daily routine



8:30am-Everyone gets dressed and makes their bed if it wasn’t done before breakfast.

Quick clean up; breakfast dishes get cleaned up, floor gets swept, table washed. 

9am-Bible and devotions at the dining room table or on the couch.

daily homeschool routine-bible

daily homeschool routine-bible


9:30am-3 older kids start school work. Youngest will help me with housework or dinner prep. 

10am-Quick snack break

10:15am- Older 3 kids continue with their schooling. I do kindergarten schooling with the youngest.


11am-Older 3 continue with their bookwork. I will do some work if everyone is working well and doesn’t require my help.

homeschool day.jpg

12pm-Lunch (either myself or one of the older kids will make it). Clean up and outside play. 

homeschool lunch break and pe.jpg

1:30pm-Finish book work and other schooling. Two out of the three older kids are usually done their workbooks (core work) by lunch and can continue on with their other activities. 

 2pm-Is quiet time as the kids are either finishing up schooling, working on co-op homework, working on something quiet or reading. I try to take this time to do some work on the blog or work on social media. 

afternoon Quiet time activity

afternoon Quiet time activity


3pm-Snack time and then we do a quick clean up and any bigger chores that are needing to get done. If the kids are well occupied, then I will continue to work. 

4:30pm-Graeme is home. We catch up and have couch time (catch up on each other’s day without interruptions) for 15 minutes and I then finish making dinner.

5:30/6pm-This is when we usually eat dinner. 

6:30/7pm-Once dinner is done we will get the kitchen and dinner cleaned up. 

7pm-After dinner is cleaned up, I will work some evenings and the kids have time with daddy and some free time until bedtime. 

8:30/9pm-Kids to bed

9-10pm-I spend time with Graeme, reading or watch movie. 

10pm-Bedtime for me ideally, but this doesn’t always happen. 


Homeschool Schedule and Routine

Homeschool Schedule and Routine

That is what our typical homeschool day looks like for mom and kids. Does it always go as planned? Nope. 

For the most part we are pretty consistent, but there are days that don’t go as planned and that’s ok. 

What does your typical homeschool day look like for your family and has it changed over the years?