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I’m Grace

I coach moms who are trying to find the balance in biblical motherhood and homemaking, as well as homeschooling, working outside the home or working from home. 

I teach them how to establish routines and systems to bring balance and joy to the trenches of motherhood; while providing encouragement, inspiration and tools to equip them to live their best mom life. 

Life with children doesn’t have to be a disaster…although there will be days. 

We know that the roles as mother and homemaker are a huge blessing, but we can also feel overwhelmed, overworked, under-appreciated and frustrated. 

I am passionate about helping moms ditch survival mode, by getting rid of clutter, being intentional with their time, and embracing homemaking, so they can enjoy motherhood in the trenches. 

A blessed life can be ours by the choices we make as mothers. When we simplify our home and family life, and walk this journey with faith and grace, we can do more than just survive, we can thrive!


·     This is the place for moms who sometimes feel overwhelmed by juggling it all

·     This is for the mom who is exhausted, but knows motherhood is meant to be a joy and not a burden

·     This is for those people who are wanting to learn

·     This is for those who often feel behind and rarely reaches what she hopes to accomplish

·     This is for those that want to move forward, but feel stuck 


·     This is not for the person who isn’t willing to work for something better

·     This is not for the person who is looking for an instant, quick fix…this is a process and a lifestyle

·     This is not for someone who will get offended if I talk about my faith and how it has affected my journey as wife, mother and homemaker


  1. I am a Christ follower. My desire is to live my best life in all the roles that I have and bring glory to Him.

  2. I am the oldest child of 6 and the only girl

  3. My husband and my mom are my best friends

  4. I’m the mother of 4 and I feel like I fail on a daily basis

  5. I only attempt a DIY project if it won’t take too long…I like seeing results quickly

  6. When I was 12 I got so sick I almost died

  7. I am a complete nerd when it comes to organizing

  8. I actually enjoy cleaning

  9. Having my own business has been my dream since I was young

  10. If I could choose a super power it would be to have the stretchy arms of the mom from the Incredibles…think about how useful those would be!! I could be doing laundry downstairs while cooking dinner upstairs. Now that’s some fancy multi-tasking ;) 

  11. When I was little I dumped out my doctor kit and filled it with pens, paper and a calculator and declared I wanted to be an administrative assistant instead

  12. I love to talk about all things homemaking

  13. I’m not overly sentimental

  14. I am a huge fan of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream (The Tonight Dough is my favourite)

  15. I have 4 kids…3/4 were over 10lbs when they were born

  16. Hallmark movies are my go-to choice 

  17. We don’t own a T.V….when we watch anything it’s on the computer (see above comment)

  18. I’m a bit of a control freak 

  19. I love having a minivan

  20. I learned to drive in a 15 passenger van…it was a beast…and super embarrassing

  21. I was afraid to try anything artsy and didn’t think I was creative until I had a few kids

  22. I’ve moved more times in my life than I can count (my parents were missionaries and when they weren’t doing that they were building and selling houses…we moved A LOT)

  23. I consider chocolate a food group

  24. I never intended to be a blogger and yet here I am

  25. I went to Australia and India as a missionary when I was 18. I was stepping off a train in India right after 9/11 happened

  26. I make a mean homemade hot chocolate and iced salted caramel blended coffee

  27. I’m an experimental cook…recipes are just for inspiration

  28. I don’t drink coffee. At least not regularly. I love coffee flavour, but I prefer it with milk/cream and flavoured syrup of some type. Latte’s and mocha are my treat drink of choice when I go out for “coffee”.

  29. My favourite colour is purple, but not just any purple.

  30. I love ALL the moving parts of running a business at home. Blogging, graphics, social media…all of it!

  31. I was homeschooled off and on throughout my life, but never thought I’d homeschool my own children even though I enjoyed being home-schooled. 

  32. But I’ve homeschooled my kids since the start, but I don’t always want to.

  33. My grade 7 year I did school in 3 different countries (Canada, USA and the Philippines-my parents were missionaries) 

  34. My husband and I got married in September 2004. After being married for a few months, we decided we would wait 2 years before trying for a baby. What we didn’t realize was I was already pregnant. Our oldest daughter was born October 2005. God had a different plan than we did ;)

  35. Giving gifts makes me happy, but not just any gift; I love giving well thought out, practical gifts that I know will be enjoyed.

  36. A meal plan makes me feel like I have conquered the upcoming week, and meals in the freezer, the upcoming month!

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