Simple Cord Organization

Simple Cord Organization.png

Simple Cord Organization


We all have them.

An excess of them and they are usually all over, throughout our home.

Maybe I’m just talking about my home.

I was getting tired of the cords. There were cords for old phones, multiple devices, cameras, chargers, laptops, eternal hard drive, external DVD player…so many cords.

It was time to do something about it without breaking the bank. I wanted to organize it in a way that it was accessible and easy to use, and preferably with items I already owned.

There were some great tutorials on Pinterest, some with fancy storage boxes and others with toilet paper rolls. As much as I loved the storage box idea, I was not going to hunt around town to purchase something that would work.

The toilet paper roll idea was brilliant and inexpensive, but I’ve done it before and nobody could be bothered to put the cords back, in the proper roll, plus I didn’t want to wait a week to have enough rolls to do it, so I improvised with what I had.

There were three issues I wanted to solve for our cord storage dilemma.

1.     Not knowing what cord belongs with what device

2.     Cords all over the house

3.     The jumble of cords


When I organized the cords, the end result needed to be that everything was kept together in a central area, I needed to be able to quickly identify what cord went with which device and it had to be neat and orderly.

Items for cord organization

I quickly brainstormed what I had that I could use, and this is what I came up with:

·      Zipper bags

·      Washi tape (multiple types)

·      Ziploc bags

·      Shallow basket

·      Label maker


A few months back I had purchased some zipper bags from the dollar store and a shallow basket; they were left over from other organizing projects that I had done.

With my zipper bags, shallow basket, multiple washi tapes, my label maker and Ziploc bags, I was set. These are things I had on hand, but it could’ve worked with a sharpie instead of a label machine, and larger Ziploc bags instead of the zipper bags. A shoe box or another type of shallow box could’ve work in place of the basket.

If you are going to get your cords in order, don’t feel like you have to go buy a bunch of items to do it.

It took me less than 15 minutes to sort, label and store everything.

Here were the steps I took to tackle the jumble of cords.


·      Collect all cords

step 1-collect all cords

·      Match the cord to the device and label

This is where my washi tape came in handy. I put a matching piece of washi on the cord and a small piece on the device.

step 2-label

·      Throw out any cord that doesn’t have a match or use

·      Bag it

Every cord (once it was marked with washi tape) was placed in a Ziploc bag and the bag was labeled.

Bag all cords together

·      Bag it again in the larger bags

Once everything was matched, labeled and placed in smaller bags, I put like items together in larger bags. All laptop cords were kept together, camera cords were together, phone cords, etc.

These bags are see-through so I can see what bags are labelled inside.

·      Keep all bags in one place

The final step was to place all the larger bags in the basket to keep it all together.


It’s been over a month since I did this and it has been working great for us. Even the kids have been putting things back where they belong and they know where to find the cord they are looking for.

Yay!! That is an organization win in my books!

If your cords are driving you nuts, tackle them quickly with the above method or check out the storage box idea for storing them. Either way, it’ll look better than a jumble of cords, you will enjoy having it all in order and finding what you need quickly.