Simple Jewelry Organization

Jewelry Organization Ideas

Jewelry Organization Ideas

Over the last 6 months, since joining Park Lane Jewelry, I have been accumulating more jewelry than I have ever owned in my life. And it’s fun!

I’m not complaining, but I have had to rethink the jewelry organization that I have been using for the past…all my life. A box worked most of my life and then I started creating boards for hanging earrings.

Personally, I like most things orderly and tucked away, but I also like to be able to see some things at a glance; jewelry is one of those things I like to see.

As usual I browsed Pinterest for ideas, but I needed solutions that didn’t require a new piece of furniture or a big budget. I also wanted to utilize vertical space as much as possible.

None of these 7 ideas are new ideas, but they are working well for me. They were inexpensive (or required items I already owned), easy to put together, and they display everything nicely.

These are what I use for my jewelry organization:

Tiered tray bracelet and earring organizing

Tiered Tray

I love how beautiful this is. A friend gifted me with it years ago and originally, I had it tucked away for parties. Thinking outside the box and realizing I could get more use out of it, I decided to use it for bracelets and earrings. Ta da! It was that simple.

Tiered trays seem to be a common item in stores especially around holiday time or they can be easy to make.

Check out this DIY tutorial for a tiered tray.

DIY earring board


Earring Board

I went through a crafty stage many years ago and this is an item I made quite often for gifts and to sell at the local crafters market. They are easy to make and great for displaying dangly earrings.

To make, I found an old picture frame, spray painted it, mod-podged pretty scrap book paper on the back of it and used chicken wire or an old screen stapled to the inside of the frame.

Once the wire or screen was attached, I would put the back cover back on. If the frame was smaller it usually had a stand on the back and if it was larger, it would hang or lean on the wall.

DIY tutorial here.


Earring and ring organization

Ice Cube Tray

Digging through a box full of jewelry to find the matching earring or a particular ring can be time consuming and frustrating.  

I purchased a dollar store ice cube tray to store my stud earrings or ring sets and keep them separate.


Statement necklace

Clip Boards

This one is fun! I love displaying statement necklaces and this is the perfect way to do it without breaking the bank. I bought a couple of necklace forms for when I do a jewelry show, but they are expensive and take up a lot of space.

Clipboards can be bought for a couple dollars each and can be attached to the wall to use vertical space. I don’t display all my necklaces this way, just the bigger, statement pieces.

Group them in 3’s on the wall and you have instant wall décor!


Cork board jewelry display

Cork Boards

Simple and inexpensive…depending where you get your cork board from. I had looked at cork boards at Staples, but the $20+ price tag was more than I was willing to spend.

Eventually I came across some for $6 at IKEA. Score!! They even came with pushpins.

This is great for hanging the longer items that get tangled easily. Again, this is something that can lean on the wall or be attached to the wall to use vertical space.

They can also be left plain or prettied up with paint or fabric.


Items Around Your House

This doesn’t work for everything, but you might be surprised at what you can use for jewelry display.

·      A thin, wide mouth cup

·      A decorative item that has place to hang things

·      Over the door hooks

·      Decorative hooks or knobs attached to the wall

·      A vase


Bracelet display and organization


DIY Bracelet Display

I think this idea is brilliant, although I have yet to make one. I desperately needed a bracelet display and went out and bought a pre-made one, but if I had had the time I would’ve DIY.

Feeling crafty? Check this idea out here for a bracelet display.


Have fun with storing and displaying your jewelry! One thing I have learned is that I am more likely to wear it if I can see it and it keeps items from getting jumbled together. That’s a win in my books!

What is your favourite way to store or display your jewelry?