Simple and Inexpensive Under Sink Organization

under sink organization

If you are new to organizing, or feeling overwhelmed by the idea of organizing your space, then this is the right place for you.

In the past, I have mentioned that the best way to get your feet wet with bringing order to your space is with a declutter challenge. The 15 minute declutter challenge is a good place to start. You can find the declutter post and checklist here. 

That is a good place to start. There really is no right or wrong way…ok I’m sure there is a wrong way, but let’s not confuse things here…to organize.

Another great place to start other than the declutter challenge, is by starting with one small area at a time. Don’t underestimate the impact a small organized area can have.

Recently I did a revamp on my cabinets, under the bathroom and kitchen sinks. Oh man do I love how it turned out!!

I was so happy with the results. It was quick, easy and fairly inexpensive. I did invest in two pieces that I have been looking for, for years. Over time I slowly accumulate new organizing solutions, but until I find the perfect item for the right price, I use what I have on hand. It’s probably a good thing that we don’t have a container store anywhere nearby…my budget couldn’t handle it ;)



I have made do with what I had for a long time under the sinks, but it was finally time to upgrade because the system I had in place was no longer working. AT. ALL! Everything kept getting shoved in the cupboards with no rhyme or reason and I was getting frustrated when it came time to find the items I needed from there.

What I was looking for (for both cupboards) was a narrow, tiered drawer set. I was so excited when I found some for under $27 each at Bed Bath and Beyond. Once I had my drawers, it took me less than 15 minutes for each cupboard and it was so worth it.

Under Sink Cabinet Basket

This was my process:

·      Assemble drawers (super easy)

·      Remove everything from cupboard

·      Sort (garbage or to go back in the cupboard)

·      Wipe down inside cupboards and all items that go back in there

·      Attach command hooks to cupboard door for hanging cloths or gloves

·      Put everything back

Under Sink Drawer
Some of my favourite organizing supplies.

Some of my favourite organizing supplies.


The drawer units fit perfectly under the cabinets and around the pipes, and made it easy to organize and access all of my cleaning supplies. Yippee!! This was one happy mama!

I was so thrilled with the results. I felt like a proud kid showing off their latest piece of artwork when I dragged Graeme into the bathroom and kitchen to show him what I had done that day Hahaha, thankfully he’s gotten used to me by now!


If you want to tackle your home, start with the declutter challenge or start with a cupboard. Either way you’ll be happy you started and with the results.