Party Planning 101

I am a huge fan of parties…actually not so much the party it’s self, but the planning of it. Everything that goes with planning, from the guest list to the menu, the colour and décor. I love watching it all come together. My dream job would be to be a wedding planner.

Over the years I have had opportunities to plan some great shindigs…if I say so myself…for some special people in my life. Everything from bridal showers to baby showers to birthday parties…kids and adults...I even planned my own 30th because the planning was my favourite part!  

In my mind, when I plan a party, I am creating an event that will be a blessing to the guest of honour as well as the guests’.

To start, when I know I’m doing a party for someone, I find out what their favourite colours and foods are, whether they’ve travelled or not and if they have, what country they love.

The answer to these questions always inspire the whole theme of the party.

For example, some of the themes I have done are:

Ladies brunch (Bridal Shower) girly girl with brunch type foods and drinks

-The bride to be is a girly girl and loves sparkle.

Ladies Luncheon with French finger foods (Bridal Shower)

-The bride loves blue and the wedding theme was purple, so we combined those colours for the décor. She loves French food, so we had French finger foods.

Ladies Luncheon (Baby shower) I’m seeing a theme here…ladies like to eat ;)

-The mother-to-be loves the Mediterranean and those types of food, so we went with that theme for food. She is very girly girl so the décor was the same.

My 30th birthday party was vintage themed and everyone dressed in costume. The colours were vintage as was the décor. The food wasn’t my favourite theme, but I needed to feed a lot of people, so I chose something that would be cost effective. We had hot dogs, LOL. 

I had to do the same thing for our wedding to stay within our budget and we did it! Have you ever had burritos, rice, salad, chips and salsa at a wedding? It was awesome because both my husband and I LOVE Mexican food. We had to feed 200+ people and had to come up with an option other then the $24-$30 a plate options, which would've blown our entire budget. Yikes! 

Planning a party can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. With some time and effort, you can create a beautiful party with DIY décor and homemade food. Yes, it does take more time, but it can be more cost effective.

Some of my favourite DIY decorations are paper pompoms, paper fans, stars, glitter bottles, paper flowers…I’m pretty much game to try anything.

I’m not an expert, but it has been said I throw a good party, so here is my system for planning an epic party!


 4-6 Weeks Before:

Set A Budget

Pick Theme

Set Date/Time/Location

Create Guest List

Send Out Invitations

Make to Do List

Book vendors (if applicable)


3-4 Weeks Before:

Recruit Helpers

Create Menu and Shopping List

Buy/Make Décor

Find outfit


1-2 Weeks Before:

Shop for non perishable groceries and remaining party décor

Complete DIY projects

Prep any party food that you can freeze


2 Days Before:

Pick up rentals, last minute groceries and party favours

Confirm with vendors and helpers

Clean house (if it’s a house party)


1 Day Before:

Pick up fresh flowers

Start decorating

Set up furniture layout

Prep party food


Party Day!

Chill drinks

Set up and display food

Add final décor and flowers

Turn on music

Get dressed

Greet guests and enjoy yourself!

**Click here for a free party or event planner printable**






 Check back for some creative money saving ideas, DIY decor and food ideas for your next party.