Organized Pantry

Having an organized pantry is important for the flow of your meal prep, meal planning and shopping list making. If the pantry is a disaster you will end up buying things you already have, but can’t find or you’ll forget to write things on your list because you can’t see what you’re running out of. You'll also waste time looking for things. 

The same applies for a small or large pantry and anything in between.  

I had the pleasure of organizing a friend’s pantry a few weeks back. It was fun to me because I love to organize and because her pantry is way bigger then mine. Yippee!

The first thing I did was take everything out. While I was taking things out I was also throwing things away, such as empty boxes, bags, packaging etc. I was also grouping like items together in piles. For example, she had lots of rice noodles, but they were all over the pantry. So I grouped the rice noodles together. I grouped baking together, condiments together, snack foods, chips, canning, etc. You get the idea. If you keep like items together, you’ll know where to find them.

Once there were piles of items, I had an idea of what type of storage solutions she would need and went to pick some up. There was no putting anything back until it could be corralled into a container or bin.

With everything off the shelves, we reevaluated the space and how it was used. At this point shelves were moved around to make better use of the space. Heavier items were best kept low, so they weren’t being pulled off the shelf over someone’s head.

Once everything was grouped and placed into containers I started putting things back and labelling containers.

The end result was a tidy, organized and useable pantry.

Organize your pantry

-take everything out

-group in like piles

-throw away garbage, extra packaging, etc.

-consider storage needs and collect containers

-evaluate how the space/shelves are best used and set up accordingly

-place grouped like items in containers

-put containers and everything else away in the pantry

-label containers

The dollar stores and Walmart are great places to find storage containers. Please keep in mind that a Pinterest pantry is not always realistic. It may be for some people, but most people I know don’t have a pantry that looks that way or can afford all the beautiful matchy containers. Do the best you can with what you’ve got and don’t let perfection keep you from creating your own organized pantry. It’s going to be just as organized even if your containers don’t match ;)