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The school room is FINALLY finished...ok, so in all honesty, it's been finished for a couple weeks now, but we were waiting for desks. AND I am only just getting around to sharing it now.

A designated school room/play room has been a dream of mine for a few years now. It’s exciting for my children and I to finally have one and the process has been so much fun and such a blessing.

We are in our 7th year of the homeschooling trenches and for all that time, we have been schooling at our dining table. It has worked for us and I figured out a way to keep everything organized and tidy.

I have loved being able to multitask by working in the kitchen and reading the kids their spelling words at the same time, but I was finding it frustrating to have to clear the table off for every meal and snack…5x’s a day. Plus, we are accumulating more curriculum each year…the non-consumable score keys, curriculum, etc. and they take up space. So, a school room/play room was on my dream list.

A school room/play room has not been a possibility for us, as we have had anywhere from 1-3 of my brother living in our basement. Any spare space was occupied.

In June one of the two brothers that were downstairs decided he was going to move closer to work. Cue my happy dance…although slightly conflicted happy dance.

Once we knew that was happening I started planning and perusing Pinterest for ideas.

The first thing I planned out was how I wanted to use the space. After that was figured out, I planned out what was needed for furniture and I measured what space we had to work with.

Anyone that has looked up homeschool rooms on Pinterest, knows that IKEA is king of furniture for the school room :) Our room is no different and it’s been fun watching it all come together with refurbished, second hand and new items.

First thing we did was paint the room. It was a blue before and being in the basement it was really dark. So we brightened it up using Manchester Tan from Benjamin Moore.

Storage was a huge necessity and the IKEA Kallax shelves are perfect. We were able to find the large one second hand, locally, which was a huge blessing since we don’t have a local IKEA.

The desks were built by my amazingly talented hubby. The drawer units are from the IKEA Alex series and he built a frame and desktop for each of the 3 desks.

We found some old pine shelves for sale and Graeme was able to sand them down, glue them, cut them and then stain them. We saved big time with these shelves as each shelf is usually around $20 apiece and we bought all 16 pieces for $20. Score!! A little elbow grease and they are perfect.

Now to have him build me a desk…;)

The chairs for me was the hardest part to figure out. Trying to keep costs minimal didn’t leave me many options. I went back and forth with the idea of folding chairs vs. office chairs, but I knew I wanted to customize something.

One day I was talking with my brother who was standing in front of the door to his kitchen. Right over his shoulder I could see a stack of chairs that I had forgotten we had bought from a garage sale at least 8 years ago.

It was a light bulb moment! There were 4 chairs that were not being used and needed some TLC. They were sturdy and would work perfectly.

Ok so I probably got a little giddier then I should of, but seriously!!?? This was really exciting to me…saving money AND doing an awesome DIY project!! So fun!!

The chairs needed to be sanded, painted and pads needed to be made and covered for the seats.

It was a bit of work, but I am so happy with the results.

Once the furniture was all in place, I got to work organizing and setting up.

Other odds and ends that complete the room are:

-Raskog cart from IKEA…this holds our art supplies

-Cutlery caddy’s for extra pencils, pencil crayons, glue sticks, highlighters, etc. and curtains from Homesense

The closet holds extra supplies and resources not needed for the grades the kids are in this year.

The room is finally done and after using it for a couple of weeks, we are still excited about it! The kids love going down there to play and to do school.

I have found that they get their work done much more quickly as they are more focused. That may partly be because the desks are all facing the wall instead of each other like at the table ;)

Originally my thought was, I sure hope we use it for school. After all his hard work, my hubby was hoping we would too ;) 

Although I don’t think it would’ve worked as well when they were younger. Thankfully I can report that we do use it!! We are loving our school room.

I’ve always enjoyed checking out other people’s school rooms for inspiration and ideas. So I thought I’d share some pictures of our new school room that someone may enjoy checking out. Please keep in mind, it isn’t always this clean ;)


School Desk DIY Process With Ikea Drawers

School Desk DIY Process With Ikea Drawers

Chair Makeover Before and After

Chair Makeover Before and After

School Room Organization

School Room Organization