Homemaking 101-Daily Cleaning Checklist


Homemaking 101-Daily Cleaning Checklist

Homemaking-A term for the management of a home, otherwise known as housework, housekeeping, or household management. It is the act of overseeing the organizational, day-to-day operations of a house or estate, and the managing of other domestic concerns. 

Does the idea of a cleaning plan make you excited or groan?

I love the idea of having a clean home, creating the plan, the satisfaction of doing a job, and I do actually enjoy the cleaning part, but I’d much rather be enjoying my children, reading a book or even organizing.

Unfortunately, the cleaning is never ending, as is the laundry, cooking…should I go on?

Ha, such is the life of homemaking.

Instead of being miserable about having to keep a home, I am thankful that I have a home to keep clean.

Instead of being upset that the kids make messes. All. Day. Long. I am thankful I have these little ones.

Instead of being frustrated about having to cook AGAIN, I am thankful we have food to fill our bellies.

How do we tackle the cleaning of a home? Do we dust Tuesday and clean bathrooms everyday or was it dust everyday and clean bathrooms on Tuesdays? There are so many “systems” out there that it can make your head spin. We end up letting the “should” list run our homes instead of us running our homes. Doing what others think we “should” can be exhausting.

I have failed miserably at following someone else’s plan, even though I love having a clean home. I was letting the system work me instead of the other way around. So I stopped, not the keeping of my home, but trying to follow their plan.

Every family’s life and home are different. What works for some doesn’t work for others.

My home is not in perfect order all the time. In fact, it’s rarely all in order all at the same time. Stop by unexpectedly and there will probably be dishes in the sink,  floors that need washing, clean laundry sitting on the couch, toothpaste in the sink and fingerprint covered windows.

Before having children, I would clean my house every Friday and it would mostly stay that way until the following Friday.

4 kids in and I realize that is no longer possible, but that’s ok because we do live here after all ;). My cleaning plan is constantly changing with the season of life.

My family of 6 mostly lives on the top floor (1,100q ft.) of a 2,200sq ft. home. 2 (sometimes 3) of my brothers and a dog live in the basement. We also have the laundry area downstairs and some storage. So what I consider as my cleaning plan, does not include the basement. That is an entirely different beast. It’s not my favourite area of the house and it gets to be so unorganized because it’s kinda the dump zone. Between that and my brothers’ odds and ends spilling over, it’s enough to make me pull my hair out. So I pretend it’s not even there…at least for a few months at a time ;)

As far as the rest of the house goes, I have a few different task plans.






Today we’ll cover daily cleaning routine.

These are the things I do daily. I consider these the maintenance mode. They’re not deep cleaning, but they help to stay on top of the never ending housework.

Each time after having a baby, I would go into maintenance mode. I didn’t put much extra on myself for a few months after having a new little one.

Daily maintenance:

These are habits that I have incorporated into my daily routine to keep up with my home. They sound simple, but they can have a big impact.

  • Make the bed…this instantly makes the room look tidier, even if the rest of the room isn’t
  • Get the dishes done and the counter wiped before going to bed…this is great to wake up to, you feel like you’re ahead from the start of the day rather then behind
  • Do 1-2 loads of laundry a day
  • Wipe down the bathroom sink, counters, faucet and mirrors
  • Vacuum or sweep after each meal and the main living areas
  • Get the kitchen down to point zero after each meal…put everything away, load dishes, wipe counters
  • Spot wash the floors in the kitchen and dining room
  • 15 Minute morning tidy
  • 15 Minute evening tidy
  • Empty garbage and recycling

Depending on the size of your house, the amount of people that live there and your comfort of cleanliness, you may decide to do these thing less often or even more often. If you live on two or more floors, you could alternate and do them every other day. It really is completely up to you as far as what works for you, your family and schedule.

The 6 of us share one bathroom so that is constantly needing to be wiped down. Laundry never ends and gets done daily. The kitchen is a never ending flow of meals and dishes.

I try to get to my daily cleaning checklist every day, but if it doesn’t happen, I get to it the next day.

If you find yourself overwhelmed and frustrated with your current cleaning routine, scale back and start with the daily maintenance. Once the daily cleaning routine becomes a habit, start adding some weekly deep cleaning.

More on that next time.

Weekly Cleaning Printable

Weekly Cleaning Printable

You’ve got this, you can do it!!

**Click here for a fun printable to get you started**