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Extra Homeschool Resources For Our School Year

We LOVE books around here! As a teenager/young adult I would devour HUGE novels within day(s). I was a marathoner…at least when it came to reading books.

My oldest Hannah also loves to read. She has gone thru so many different book series so quickly, that I get her to go thru them multiple times.

Malachi has started reading novels, although he prefers to take his time with a novel, but loves to look at a book that has pictures and a little write up next to the picture.

The two youngest are still just looking at the pictures, but they go thru book after book.

Since we are a homeschool family that loves books…I have yet to meet a homeschool family that doesn’t ;)…I have collected many books over the years, some are storybooks, but well over half of them work as resource books. The kiddos love to read these too and learn so much.

Some of my personal favourites for homeschooling all of our grades (1, 3 and 5) are from Usborne, Southwestern Advantage (Ask Me Why Series and the Explore and Learn Series), Kids Can Press, Discovering Canada and Scholastic Canada.

There is so much in these resources! Even when the schoolwork is done, they still continue to learn as they read these books. I know they will come in handy over the years as we continue to homeschool.

What are your favourite extra resources for homeschooling?