DIY Lego Kit

DIY Lego Kit

This is the time of year when people are thinking about gifts .

Personally, I love making gifts...especially if it's both practical and useful.

This DIY project is an awesome gift idea...and it's good for anytime of the year. 

Last month we did a road trip to Denver, Colorado. We survived the drive! Yay! 

I was a little nervous as to how well the kids were going to travel. We have done a couple of day trips, but have not traveled this far was 2-1/2 days each way. 

Knowing we needed to keep the kids entertained without resorting to 22hrs (x2)  worth of movies, I started looking for some neat gift ideas for them.

I love the idea of packing new items such as games, colouring, novels, activity books, small toys and new audio books to give to them something new to do, every couple of hours. It keeps them entertained and quiet, and it's fun for them. For me as well because I love giving gifts ;)

Months in advance I started looking on Pinterest for ideas. I came across a DIY Lego kit (find the link and instructions at   It was perfect!! My boys and girls love lego, but they tend to lose pieces in the van, so this was a solution for keeping it all the pieces together and giving them a surface to work on. 

It's really tough when you set your heart on something and can't find it anywhere!! I looked all over the place in town and online to find a metal lunch box. Do you think I could find one !? At least not for a reasonable frustrating !!

About a month before we left, I was shopping at Homesense and came across these metal lunch box type containers. They were a little bigger than your average lunch box, but they could fit more lego and they were only $10!! They also came with some fun floor puzzles. Bonus! 

I was so excited to start this little project and have a fun gift to give my children when travelling. They were quite impressed :)

If only I had been making them this time of year, it wouldn't have been a problem trying to find a lunch box. This is the time of year that there are a ton of lunch boxes that come with puzzles.

 If you'd like a fast and simple DIY project that you know will be a hit, create one of these for the Lego fanatic in your life. 

You will need:

Metal Lunch Box

Large Lego Board (You will cut this down to size for the lid and to keep the Lego in the tin)

Sanding Block



Double Sided Tape or Mounting Blocks

Optional-A Piece of Felt (To soften the it just me or is Lego ridiculously noisy when it's being dug through?)

p.s. Homesense, Winners and Marshalls all have metal lunch boxes in their toy departments right now.