6 Cleaning Products To Save You Time

Cleaning products to save you time

6 Cleaning Products To Save You Time


It’s one of those things in life that has to be done whether we like it or not.

Sure, we can choose to ignore it, but it doesn’t make the problem go away. Ignoring it just makes the problem multiply. When we do eventually decide to tackle it, after ignoring it for a while, it’s an even bigger job than before. Yikes!

Growing up as the oldest and only girl of 6, I was taught to keep a home. My mom was the cleaner and my dad was the organizer. I have a bit of both of them in me.

I don’t know if it’s part personality or part upbringing, but I always loved the idea of homemaking; keeping a home, feeding my family, raising my kids and being a helper to my husband. It may have been a bit romanticized in my head as a child, but I really do enjoy a clean and organized home. That doesn’t mean I always enjoy the process though. I love the benefits, but there are days I really don’t want to go through the process to keep it clean and organized.

13 years in the trenches of all things homemaking and I still love it most of the time, but there are times, I admit, where it can be mundane and never ending. Because, it really is.

With 4 busy kids who are home with me all day every day, there is a lot of potential for messes. Seriously. Why can’t the bathroom mirror stay un-splattered for at least 5 minutes!!?? Am I right mama’s?

I hate to break it to you, but there are no cleaning fairies that will be doing the cleaning for you. Unless you can hire a cleaner, that’s as close to a cleaning fairy as it gets.

For the rest of us, it’s up to us fight the battle. The ongoing, never ending, unappreciative task of cleaning. Hahahaha sounds delightful doesn’t it ;)?

Since the cleaning HAS to get done, we might as well get it done as efficiently as possible.

Cleaning our home growing up and offering cleaning services, gave me a lot of experience. I sure wish I had known what I do now, back then and had the products I have now. It would’ve saved me a lot of time.

I have tried many products and methods. The last 12 years have been my busiest years with the most cleaning required. Ahem…4 kids ;)

For many years I have done the majority of my big tasks one day a week, but also implementing a daily cleaning routine (see daily routine here) as well, so things don’t get out of hand in between. This has worked great for my family.

Let’s talk about the tasks that get done every week. For me that includes cleaning the bathroom, washing floors (I spot wash throughout the week), dusting, windows and cleaning the fridge.


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This room gets a lot of use. With 6 of us sharing a bathroom, it needs constant upkeep.

It’s a room that sees it all, from our worst (getting sick) to our best (getting clean and ready for the day). Keeping the bathroom clean is important and it really can be simple to do.

When we moved into this house the bathroom had had a few updates, but the metal tub/shower with glass doors was old. It was my nemesis.

It was so old we could see where the paint had chipped and the original colour was pink. Ewww!

The previous owners had painted the tub and added a new all-in-one tile wall, but the caulking was bad and we had mold issues. There was mold in between the “tiles” (they weren’t real tiles) and the caulking. The tub was so hard to clean because the paint was wearing away, that it was almost impossible.

Then there was the glass door. The combination of hard water, years of neglect and the track that the doors were on were disgusting.

I tried so hard to get that entire tub/shower clean. Every week I would drag out the bleach, yes, the bleach, hold my breath to spray the whole thing down. That would help kill some of the mold, but it didn’t do much to help the other issues.

I tried everything for the shower door, scrubbing with baking soda, vinegar, bleach, other lime/scale removers. Nothing worked.

The tub was scrubbed with baking soda and Method all-purpose cleaner.

I tried so many things and nothing got the tub/shower area as clean as I would like.

About 7 years ago a friend introduced me to Norwex. I loved the idea of safe products as I knew the products I was using were not safe, but I was slightly skeptical about whether or not they would actually work.

Nothing else was working so I figured I had nothing to lose.

I started with the Descaler on my shower door.

You guys, I wish I had taken pictures because the before and after was incredible. My shower door went from having a chalky looking white build up, to being clear and beautiful.

Next, I used the Cleaning Paste on the tub with the Bathroom Scrub Mitt and they worked like a dream. It didn’t do anything for the chipped paint, but it sure scrubbed any build up from the tub and tiles clean.

I still had to deal with the mouldy grout and caulking, so I used a toothbrush with a hydrogen peroxide and baking soda paste. It worked pretty good and wasn’t toxic like the bleach.

This was life changing for me. Not only did the products work, but they were safe to use. I didn’t have to hold my breath and go out of the room to take a deep breath so as not to inhale the bleach.

Recently my husband reno’d our tub/shower. The tub is new, and so are the tiles and grout.  Thankfully there is no glass door to deal with. It’s not only beautiful, but it’s a lot easier to clean. I don’t have years of grime to deal with, just regular maintenance to keep it in shape. Woohoo!! I’m doing my happy dance ;)

Along with all my other Norwex items I purchased a Window Cloth. This is another must have for the bathroom. My kids are constantly splashing the mirror with water and toothpaste. They seem to think it’s better to shake the water off their hands then it is to use a towel.

The Window Cloth is so easy to use. I don’t have to drag out vinegar or Windex and paper towel. I get a corner of my cloth wet and wipe the mirror and then buff it with the dry area. So simple!!

The Cleaning Paste and Descaler have also worked wonders on my sinks and taps (kitchen and bathroom) as well as my glass stove top. They weren’t too awful, but there was a build up around the taps and white spots from the hard water. These products took care of all of it and easily removed any yellow build up and grime in the sinks.

I also purchased a microfiber Enviro Cloth. I liked the idea that it removed 99.9% of bacteria (when cared for properly) and it cleaned really well (please note, this is for the Norwex microfiber cloth, not all microfiber are the same). This was great for the bathroom counter and the toilet. I will admit that I had a hard time wrapping my head around the idea of not using any products on my toilet, except for a toilet brush and product for the inside, but I gave it a go.



Floors are never an appealing process when you think about hauling out a bucket or filling up your sink, wringing out your mop, etc.

I didn’t own a mop, they seemed to big and bulky to me, so I always did it by hand. That was a big process and especially hard when I was pregnant.

My first mop purchase was the Norwex Mop. I wish I had heard about it 3 pregnancies ago, thankfully I had it for my 4th.

The Mop is simple, easy to use and it had the same benefit of removing 99.9% of the bacteria that the Enviro Cloth offers. An added bonus is that my kids love it too and getting somebody to mop is not a battle. That's a win for mama!!



The Window Cloth by Norwex is what I use on my bathroom mirror and all windows. Again, this is an easy one for the kids to use as well, as it only requires water and the cloth. I wet the window with a wet Enviro Cloth or spray bottle and use the Window Cloth to polish.


Dusting Mitt:

The Dusting Mitt works on static charge, it picks up and removes the dust rather than just pushing it around.


Not only do the Norwex products work really well, but they save you time and money by not having to buy a ton of different products for each job. They have multiple uses and most of them work with just water.

As a busy mom, these products have been such a huge help to me in keeping my home.

If you are looking for a way to clean your home, save time and save money then I would highly recommend Norwex products.

Yes, as a disclaimer, I am an independent consultant, but I am not recommending as a consultant, I am recommending them because they work, they're safe and I love them. I have seen them work over the last 7 years and surprisingly, it took me 7 years to finally join Norwex. The truth is even though I loved the products, I had been skeptical about direct sales (see that story here) for a long time.


Cleaning our homes is not going to go away, so why not do it in the most efficient way possible? Do this by:

  • Creating yourself a daily checklist (free printable here) to help maintain your home
  • Creating a weekly cleaning plan (free printable here) for those deeper cleans
  • And purchase some great, safe and effective cleaning products. 

My product recommendations to save yourself time cleaning are :

Norwex Mop System

Norwex Envirocloth

Norwex Descaler (if you have hard water build up)

Norwex Cleaning Paste

Norwex Dusting Mitt

Norwex Window Cloth 

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below.