Budget Friendly Organization Hacks

Budget Friendly Organization Hacks

Budget Friendly Organization Hacks

Some people like going for a run to clear their head.

Me? I like to organize.

Clearing my space helps me to clear my head and focus.

I have a hard time working around a mess. For me to work efficiently, I need to have things tidy and in their proper place.

Anyone else clean the kitchen before they start cooking? I know it seems to defeat the purpose, but it actually makes it easier to cook because there’s nothing in the way and the clean up afterwards isn’t as overwhelming.  

In all honesty though, there is one area that I can work around even if it is not in order and that is paper. Yikes! I have papers for homeschooling, bills, stuff for 2 businesses, notes, list, etc. As long as they are in a stacked pile I am ok. Paper organization is an area that is the hardest for me to keep on top of because it never ends and nobody else in the family will deal with it. It ends up being a last priority for me.

Budget Friendly Organization Tools

I’m not here to talk about paper though. Today is all about budget friendly organization ideas. These are some of my favourite tools for organizing and I use them throughout my house.

I love getting inspired by different ideas on Pinterest. I am always looking for simple, inexpensive solutions to keep my home in order and I want to share some of those ideas with you. Maybe there will be an idea or two that you can use in your home to tackle clutter.


Command Hooks.jpg

Command Hooks

Command hooks are great for going vertical and for hanging items without needing a hammer and nails. They are also easily removed without damaging your paint and wall.

I use them inside my kitchen and bathroom cupboard doors for hanging cloth, rubber gloves, etc. I have them inside my pantry door for hanging aprons and my dusting wand. Some of them can hold up to 5lbs, so there are many options for them.

They could be used to hang kitchen utensils, baking tools, jewelry, etc. The list is endless. They are inexpensive and easy to use.


Madesmart Turntable.jpg

Turn Table/Lazy Susan

This item is a life changer for those deep corner cabinets. You know the lower cabinets where you have to practically climb in to find something at the back? Or the upper cabinet that you have to crawl up on the counter to get an item at the back? The solution? A turn table…also known as a lazy susan.

I use these in my kitchen and in my bathroom. It makes it so easy to access everything in the cupboard with just a turn.

Magazine FIler.jpg


Magazine Filer

Grouping like things together is a great way to contain items. Magazine filers are great for more than just magazines. Paper clutter, water bottles, pantry items (potatoes and onions), boxes of kitchen wrap & foil, paper goods (plates, napkins, etc.). It keeps everything looking neat and tidy.


Tiered Spice Rack.jpg

Tiered Shelf Riser

Tired of not being able to see your spices or cans of food at the back? Use a tiered riser to see and access the items at the back.


Over The Door Shoe Organizer.jpg

Over The Door Shoe Organizer

These are great for shoes, but there’s more. I have one in the school room for keeping extra school supplies such as pens, pencils, glue sticks…lots of the bulk items all together.

In the hallway closet, I use it to store shoes, lint roller, extra slippers, goggles and sunscreen and extra shopping bags.

The can also be used on the back of the door of the kid’s room to store toys, art supplies, or socks and underwear.



Shelf riser

Need more shelf space? This can help. The kitchen cabinet I store my plates and bowls in has a lot of space that wasn’t being used between the bottom shelf and the 1st shelf. I couldn’t adjust either, so instead I added a removable shelf in there. That created a whole extra shelf for bowls and side plates. 

Dollar store buckets.jpg


$ Store Buckets

Organization can be as simple as grouping like items together. As much as most people like the look of everything matching in colour and type, the price tag is not always friendly. My favourite way to keep things together are dollar store buckets and containers. These work great for snacks, jar lids, food storage lids, toys, etc.

Most $ store buckets are not that strong or durable, so make sure you don’t fill them with heavy items if you plan to move them often. Try to stick to the lighter items.


Picture Boxes.jpg

Picture boxes

Again, this is another great way to keep item together, but with a lid.



Sandwich containers

This $ store find is great for creating little kits. In one of my drawers I have used these to separate and store batteries, basic sewing kit, felt pads for the bottom of furniture and other small items.


Soap Dish.jpg

Travel soap containers

I was so excited when I discovered that these could fit a deck of cards. In our house, the boxes don’t last long, so we were able to sort everything into individual decks and place each one in a travel soap container. They are also great for travelling; I placed our little iPods in them each with a set of earphones for the kids. This made everything easy to find and store away.


Glass Jars.jpg

Glass Canning Jars

Glass jars are usually pretty cost effective and last forever…as long as you don’t drop them!

I love these for storing many of my dried goods and my spices. I was tired of having so many different spice jars and containers, so I made the switch to small glass jars. This made it more space effective because they all fit well together and I save money by buying items in bulk to refill them.

I use glass jars for my spices, lentils, beans, rice, oats, dried fruit and more.

Stackable Baskets.jpg


Stackable Baskets

These are fantastic. Not only can you keep everything together, but you can take your organization vertical. So often we have space that can be used, but it requires going up! This is a great solution for that. Something to consider is whether or not you need to access everything in the bottom basket very often, if you do, you may want to get stackable baskets that you can reach the items in the bottom basket from the front. There are some that make this possible, other’s you will need to remove the top basket to reach items in the bottom.

I use these for kid snacks, and pantry items such as potatoes and onions.

Wall Mounted Planters.jpg


Wall Mounted Baskets

There are so many uses for these. Use these for toys (inside and out), books, towels, hats and gloves, or fruit and veggies.

Wall mounted baskets can end up being costly, but with a little creativity you can save.

A couple of summers ago, I wanted some wall mounted baskets outside, by the back entry for the toys. When I looked at baskets specifically for that, they were not cheap, so I kept looking for something that would work.

Eventually I came across some metal planters at Home Depot that were wall mounted, and they were ¼ of the price. They came with some planting moss type stuff (so technical sounding hey?), I pulled that out and voila! I had wall mounted toy storage.

Clear Boxes.jpg


Clear Shoe Boxes

Clear boxes make it easy to see what is being stored in there, while keeping like things together.

I have used a number of these for small craft items. Buttons, thread, Velcro, mini magnets, etc. There are so many small items per container that I don’t want to label each and every item in there. Being able to label it “crafts” or “sewing supplies” is great, but with the clear box I can look to see what is in there without taking everything out.


Clothes Pins and Binder Clips

Clothes pins and binder clips were an “ah ha” moment for me. I knew they were great for keeping papers together, but I didn’t realize how versatile they are.

I have a binder clip in my Home Life Planner to clip the page I am on for easy reference. I also use one for keeping important papers together in there.

Clothes pins are used to keep bags closed and for hanging. I get the dollar store clips and hang them on command hooks under the kitchen and bathroom cabinets for hanging rubber gloves.


There are so many organization tools on the market, things that the “experts” say “we need”, but the truth is with a little creativity, we can get organized without the large price tag.

What is your favourite organization hack?

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