DIY Flower Letter

DIY Flower Letter

I love a good DIY home décor project…but only if it can be completed within a few days…I think I might lack some patience. It also must be pretty much a guarantee that it’ll turn out. If it’s a really long project or a big chance it won’t work out and it ends up being a waste of time or money, then I probably won’t bother.

My baby brother recently got married and I had the opportunity to host a bridal shower for his bride to be. Long before it was time to start the shower planning, I started perusing Pinterest and pinning ideas.

Of course there were tons of idea, but there was one in particular I was excited to try. It was a letter shaped flower arrangement. It was a simple and beautiful. My kinda DIY project.


There were two ways I was looking at doing this. One was to do it with a letter cut out of cardboard and two was to find a letter out of wood or metal. I found a metal letter at Michaels that was on clearance (yay!). I went with a V because that was the first letter of her new last name (it turned out to be a great gift after the party).

I was also able to find a bunch of smaller flowers in the right colours and some greenery at Michaels on clearance. Another good place to look for flowers is at the dollar stores.

The backside of the V was hollow, which was perfect, but it wouldn’t have worked with every letter. A V looks the same front or back so it worked. Keep that in mind if you use a hollow letter. I would hate for you to make a beautiful flower letter only to realize it’s backwards.

These are the materials you will need

-a letter (wood, metal or cardboard all work)

- artificial flowers and greenery

- a glue gun with lots of glue

-foam blocks for filling (but only if your letter is hollow)

-pliers/wire cutter

DIY Flower Letter Tutorial

To start with, fit the hollow of the letter with pieces of the foam block…this does not need to be perfect because you won’t be able to see it. If you are using cardboard or a flat letter, you will not need the foam block.

Once the foam in place, start cutting the stems off the flowers and placing them where you want them. Do NOT glue at this point. Start with getting an idea of where you want everything going first, before gluing.

Now that you know where you want it all, start gluing from the top down. I did some filling along the way as well because I noticed sparse areas as I began to glue.

Once everything is glued, you are done. Ta Da! Easy peasy!