My Schedule For The 2015/2016 Homeschool Year

I've always wondered what other homeschoolers do. Everything from what curriculum they use, to what their schedules look like, what type of meals they eat and how moms get it all done each day.

Even after 5 years of schooling my own I still wonder this.

I think we learn a lot from each other and this home school life is no different. Maybe there's a tip or idea that I've never thought of that would work for me and my schedule, so I'm always keeping ears open and asking questions.

Awhile back I tried to follow someone else's schedule for my own family, but it never worked because that was THEIR schedule that worked for THEIR family. Every family is different with different routines and schedules. So I created schedule for my own family.

I LOVE creating schedules, but I've learned to hold them loosely, especially with little people. What mom hasn't been just about out the door with everyone ready to go, baby strapped into the carseat, when the baby decides to poo. And not just a quick change, but usually the type that requires a bath and complete wardrobe change, not just for baby, but mom as well.

Life happens.

Instead of creating a schedule I expect to go EXACTLY as planned, I created it as a guideline.

We have a routine, but it doesn't always follow the schedule. This used to frustrate me so much, but the more kids I've had the more I've had to learn to be flexible.

So how do I stick to my schedule ?

HA!! I don't, and that's ok. This is my IDEAL schedule (ideal being the key word here) for this year, but it's not set in stone.

As you can see, most of my schedule is based around the kids schooling, with the early mornings and evenings (once the kids are in bed) as my schedule. That's the life of us mamas ! I'll keep you posted on how it goes :) 

Homeschool Mom Daily Schedule

What about you, do you have a homeschool schedule?