Grace : Owner & Creative Director

Hi! I'm a wife and full-time, stay at home, home schooling mama. I have 4 children, all between the ages of 9 and 23 months, so there's always something going on at home! I've always had a love for planning and organizing, but the need for it kicked into high drive when I started home schooling my family. It required me to be more organized in my home, school and life. Whether it's planning to make plans, planning a party, creating menus, cleaning lists, organizing the pantry or curriculum, Plum Cheeky helps me do it all! My love of organizing and planning is how Plum Cheeky Solutions was born! When I am not busy with life and family, you will find me sitting at my computer designing pages for the planner, answering emails, working on the website and preparing packages for shipping.


Ashley: Side Kick

 Hello there! I am a wife and a stay at home mom to 4 kiddos, aged 7, 5, 3 & 16 months. Life is full and fun with a family and my need for organizing came from just that! I found that I could "wing it" much easier with just my husband and I, but enter a few kids and we are struggling to keep our heads above water. Then came the need for organization! I met Grace a few years back and we just clicked. Once she started her planner, she started bouncing ideas off of me and I was hooked. At Plum Cheeky Solutions I'm a side kick to Grace.