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13 Quick & Easy Family Meals

There have been times where I have gone to the grocery store to shop late in the day and while I’m there I plan to grab something for dinner.  Too often I was wandering around the store like I was lost because I had no idea what I was going to serve for dinner. I couldn’t justify spending so much on a frozen meal and I didn’t want to pick up take out...again, I also didn’t have time to make anything from scratch. I had to come up with a fail proof plan for feeding my family on the fly.

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Simple Refrigerator Oats-2 Ways

Keeping a family fed is a huge part of being a mama, at least in our home. The planning, shopping and preparation of the food is up to me for the most part and it’s up to me how to spend our food budget and make it stretch. This can be quite the challenge at times.

Need some quick and easy breakfast inspiration? I have one recipe, two ways that will be a great addition to your breakfast repertoire.

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Mango Ginger Turmeric Smoothie

Lately I have been looking into recipes and foods that help heal the gut. Some of the items that came up were local honey (raw and unpasteurized), turmeric, ginger, kefir and many other things.

I was excited to see a smoothie at a local bistro contain many of these ingredients, but unfortunately, it’s too costly and inconvenient to go back on a regular basis to get one, so I decided to try creating it at home.

I am so glad I did! This is now another favourite to add to our smoothie collection. It’s packed with gut healing ingredients and full of flavour!

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Best Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix

This time of year has me reaching for my slippers, a cozy sweater and a hot mug of deliciousness. Now for some of you that may mean a steaming cup of coffee, but not for this gal. I love the flavour of coffee, but I'm not really a fan of coffee itself. Please don't hate me! I'm a mocha or latte kinda girl. Hot milk with chocolate and a shot of espresso...usually decaf...are my cup of

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Slow Cooker No Fry "Refried" Beans

Growing up with 5 brothers, I can’t even imagine the amount of food my mom had to prepare. Even though I lived there and helped make the meals, I really didn’t pay attention to what really went into the whole process. I do remember we ate a lot of beans and feeling super nerdy bringing bean sandwiches to school when everyone else had McDonalds and dry Ramen noodles. I remember being embarrassed and slightly envious of their meals. What I didn’t realize at the time was that my homemade cookies, fresh fruit and bean (or egg or salmon) sandwiches were way better for me.

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Cherry Berry Coconut Banana Nut Smoothie

We LOVE a good smoothie in this family, in fact there is rarely a day we don't have a smoothie and if we do go a day without, I go through withdrawals....seriously ! I figure if people are that way with coffee, I can be that way about my smoothies. I pack them full of delicious and nutritious ingredients and it's a meal in minutes and we all enjoy them.  It's a win win ! 

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Breakfast Cookies

Breakfast and cookies haven't gone together in my vocabulary, until now that is. These are so delicious and great for breakfast, snacks or cookie cravings. They are portable, which is awesome when you're on the go. I've tried them with almond butter and peanut butter, both are great. I've also substituted dried fruit, nuts and seeds for the chocolate chips which is also tasty. 

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