Dear Exhausted Mama...A Letter To Myself

Exhausted Mama

I am exhausted. Not the kind of exhausted that a nap will fix, but a weary, wrung out, emotional, mental and physical exhaustion. The last 5 months have been beyond busy…fun…but exhausting.

January-March was full of prepping the 2016/2017 planners for launch in April.

April was full of homeschool conferences that I attended as a vendor. I also presented a workshop on meal prep and freezer meals at that time.

In May, I hosted a bridal shower and helped with the rehearsal dinner for my brother’s wedding. I was also involved with different aspects of the wedding which were a lot of fun.

Now that everything is done and summer break is almost here, I’m having a hard time moving forward, even though there is so much to do and so many projects I could do. It’s a lot harder to get moving when you’ve come to a stop.

Go, go, go, go, seems to come easy to me, but once things have slowed down it hits me like a ton of bricks and I have a hard time getting going again. Anyone else ever feel this way?

Being one of those people who thrives on chaoticness (is that even a word?), I’ve come to realize that it’s not healthy for me to be in that go, go, go mindset all the time. I am so thankful that my life is now at a more “normal” …whatever that is ;)…pace. BUT, just because things have slowed down and I’m exhausted doesn’t mean I can waste my day on Pinterest and FB…believe me I’ve done it before.

I also have to make sure I don’t go and pile on a bunch of new projects/plans to keep the chaos going. Seriously!? Like 4 kids, running a home, homeschooling and running a business aren’t chaotic enough! Hahahah. My kids ask me if I’m ever bored…um, nope!  

So, how does one get motivated and keep going when they are exhausted? As a mama we don’t have the luxury of coming to a full stop. Our families depend on us, but at the same time, we need to make sure we don’t burn ourselves out.

I’m slowly working myself back into my full time routine. This may take me a week or two until I feel ready, but I’ll be better in the long run for taking the time to recover.

Here are 8 things I’ve been doing this week to help myself recuperate and to avoid complete burnout.

1-Have a quiet time. I love to start my day off in prayer with my Bible and journal.

2-Slow down and don’t add extra activities to your schedule, even cut things out if your schedule is too busy.

3-Stay home more

4-Go into maintenance mode (housework, meals, etc.) Create a simple to-do plan for the week, only the necessities. This helps you stay focused on what NEEDS to be done, keeps the laundry from piling up and meals on the table.

5-Take a short nap

6-Do something fun and easy, that doesn’t require a lot of work/prep on your part

7-Play some praise and worship music…dance party highly recommended ;)

8-Keep a positive attitude…attitude has a huge impact on our environment 

I am not a doctor, so don’t take my advice as a guaranteed prescription. I am however, another mama, trying to juggle it all. And just like you, trying to thrive and not just survive.

We mamas have a huge impact on the environment in our home. So take care of yourself, slow down if you need to, rest and take some of the pressure off.

Now let Netflix help you “babysit” for a bit and go have a nap…