The Ultimate 2018 Spring Cleaning Challenge Is Here!!

The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Challenge-Blog:Pinterest.png

Who’s excited for Spring and who’s excited for Spring cleaning!? 

Me, myself and I, that’s who!! I know I have this strange love of cleaning and organizing, but I wouldn’t have it any other way ;)

It has taken me forever to finally get this complete, but I am pleased to finally be able to bring to  you, Plum Cheeky Solutions first ever, 2018 Spring Cleaning Challenge!! Woohoo!!

The Spring Cleaning Challenge is set to start Monday April 30th and will continue over a 5 week period, but you are welcome to work at it at your own pace. 

I know how busy life can be for all of us and sometimes the season we are in doesn’t allow for a ton of time, and that’s ok. Do what you can with the time you do have. You will still have the printable, the emails and FB videos available to you, to refer back to if it takes you longer than anticipated. 

What to expect:

Once the challenge begins, I will send you an email at the beginning of each week, containing that week’s tasks, plus more detailed information for each job that you will be completing. Make sure to set these emails as “not junk” or they could end up in your junk folder. 

I will also be including videos on the Plum Cheeky Solutions FB page for that day’s task. 

Spring Cleaning Checklist.png

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Print off the checklists
  • Schedule 15min-1hr a day to tackle your tasks
  • Join me on FB to stay motivated and accountable and to see the days daily task video or post. 

Are you excited and ready to join us for the Spring Cleaning Challenge? Sing up below and join the challenge now!