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Arbonne with Angela

If you have been following along, you may have seen the posts on The Best Work At Home Jobs For Moms.

I have put together interviews that I have done with some ladies regarding their work at home jobs; the ins and outs of direct sales.

My first interview was with my friend Angela.

Angela asked me if I wanted to try the Arbonne skincare products and I thought, why not?

After using them for the first time, I could not stop touching my face. It was so soft! 

The next day I was visiting with a friend and she mentioned that my skin looked amazing, which was a miracle seeing as it was that time of the month when my skin looked its worse. 

I knew it was the Arbonne! My skin not only felt incredible, but it looked great too!

I wanted to know more about the company and Angela's business, so I asked if I could interview her. 

Angela is a wife, a mom and an Independent Consultant with Arbonne International. What started out as a love for the products, turned into an opportunity for Angela to work from home and to have the work/home life balance and time freedom she was looking for. She loved her 15+ year career in management, but when the opportunity presented itself to stay home with her son and maintain, or even exceed, her corporate income, she had to jump on it.

Here are the questions I asked her:

Tell me a bit about the company you are with:

Arbonne is a 37-year-old company. We originated in Switzerland and are a beauty, health and wellness company that focuses on beauty from the inside out. We offer pure, safe, botanically based products that are vegan, gluten free, kosher, soy free, non-GMO and more.

What was your big WHY for joining the company?

My son is the reason I started my business. I wanted time freedom, financial opportunity and a work/home life balance. When I learned what the compensation plan looked like*, that I could maintain my Senior Manager paycheck, while also staying home after my son was born...I was hooked.

What kind of products does Arbonne create?

We are primarily known for our anti-aging skincare and nutrition products, but we also offer hair, bath & body products, 100% pure essential oils and cosmetics. If you have skin, hair or a digestive system, we have something for you! (We also offer a 45-day guarantee on everything.)

What does your average work week look like with Arbonne?

My average work week is 12-15 hours a week. I give product presentations 5-6 nights a month, 4-5 coffee dates a month and I work 1-2 hours in the afternoon during my son’s nap. During nap time, I will follow up with current clients on their recent orders and connect with new people.

How do you sell your products and get it out there in front of people?

I share product and allow people to experience the smell, feel and results that Arbonne products offer through personal product trials and in group presentations. When people get to experience the results, and they learn about our clean formulations and strict ingredient policy, they are so impressed. Then I show them how to purchase online. I don't stock product and I don't deliver. Arbonne takes care of all of that for me.

I love to pamper people with a fun night out with friends. Hosting an event is a lot of fun, because there are so many different themes to choose from. As a host, you also get free gifts from me and incredible discounts from Arbonne (35-80% off!)

I offer:

•       Ultimate Facials

•       Foot Soaks

•       Spa Nights

•       Makeovers

•       Healthy Happy Hour

•       DIY Cleaning Products


What are the start-up costs to become an Arbonne consultant?

I love how accessible our company and profession is. You can start your own Arbonne business for $95 CDN and then we recommend that you purchase some product to use and share. This will allow you to shop at wholesale pricing (35-50% off) and earn a commission check. In addition, you also get a starter kit, your own website, a full customer service team for you and your clients, endless marketing materials, product training, personal development and leadership training, home office support and leadership, and so much more.

We also have an amazing Preferred Client membership that allows you to purchase our products at a discount if you love a great deal but are not interested in building a business. This is a $35 signup fee which will give you 20-40% off your purchases for a year; and free shipping rewards and free product rewards are available with EVERY qualifying purchase!

What is the pay structure?

There are 4 ways to earn income with Arbonne.

•       Commissions on personal product sales.

•       Overrides on products that your team sells. (This is basically a "thank you" check from Arbonne for spending your time helping others achieve success.)

•       Cash bonuses (up to $760/month) based on hitting various sales targets.

•       Mercedes Cash-bonus program for Regional and National Vice Presidents.



Are there monthly volumes or requirements for maintaining my consultant status?

You do not need to hit a monthly quota to maintain your Consultant status, however, you do have to sell or purchase a minimum amount to receive a paycheck.

•       150 QV (this is ~$200/month CDN) in product sales OR personal purchases

•       1200 QV per year to renew your Consultant status


What are your personal favourite products?

•       RE9 Skincare - I've been using it for over 4 years and I love it more than ever!

•       Mascara - people talk about our mascara for a reason

•       Protein Shake Mix - I use this in my breakfast smoothies and SO many other daily recipes.

•       Fizz Sticks - a boost of vitamins and energy in my afternoon to give me the energy and clarity to keep up with my toddler!


What advice do you have for someone who may be considering Direct Sales as a job?

For someone considering network marketing, I would say, "just do it!" What have you got to lose? If you're looking for additional income, more flexibility in your schedule, to be your own boss, to work from home, to be part of a supportive community of like-minded, passionate people, then you've come to the right place. It's a business-in-a-box. Find a company that has proven success and offers products that you are passionate about. Then link arms with the person who introduced you to your company, follow their success plan, and go!

Any final thoughts or comments?

If anyone has any questions about anything mentioned, feel free to contact me. I would be happy to dig a little deeper into my answers or share some product with you.  I can be reached at or

Check out Angela's site here