The Home Life Planner Kickstarter

Yay!! It's finally here!!

It's launch day and I am excited...and a bundle of nerves all at the same time!!

This is my journey of how and why this Kickstarter launch day came to be...


I’ve always loved the idea of a planner, but I didn’t see the need for it for a long time.

Before I became a mom, I found life simple and could keep track of my day to day no problem with a calendar or sticky notes.

I love being a wife, mother, and homemaker, but when I became a mom, I quickly realized that there are many more roles that I fill each day: nurturer, chef, personal assistant, chauffer, household shopper, business owner, friend, confidant, triage nurse (depending on the day), therapist, behavioral analyst, moderator, mediator, creativity cultivator, negotiator, and much, much more.

With three little ones under four, plus eventually the decision to homeschool our eldest, everything changed. Life was busier and stickier, and small notes scattered throughout the house were not cutting it (especially when they were constantly walking away with a toddler). I was at a loss, and it was getting harder to keep track of everything, so I started to incorporate a notebook and calendar. This worked for a season, but because I like to add things to my list (even things I’ve already completed, so I can cross them off) I was quickly running out of space.

Everything changed again with baby number 4.  I was now homeschooling 3 kids and had a newborn. I needed a solution for planning my days to be able to run my home efficiently, to keep on top of household tasks and getting meals on the table.

Having a planner wasn’t just a nice idea anymore, it was a necessity!! Being intentional and simplifying my life was required to enable me to make time for the people and things that matter most.

I tried multiple tools on the market to help me get intentional and plan my life. Unfortunately, nothing quite worked for me. Everything was either traditional and boring, or if it wasn’t and it had a beautiful cover, the layout didn’t fit. I wanted functional, so that it included all areas of my life, and pretty, after all, I was planning to use it everyday. I did find some great products in the USA, but with the exchange rate, shipping and duty, the price was astronomical!! I needed so much more, so I decided to create it myself.

This was highly ambitious, considering all I knew how to do was google search and email, but I was determined! The result being that I created the Home Life Planner.

With the 2018 Home Life Planner, you can:

·       Have your entire year at your finger tips.

·       Set goals

·       Plan your meals

·       Create a cleaning checklist and routine that works for you

·       Keep track of birthdays, anniversaries and contacts all in one place

It also includes places for planning your months, and weeks, and daily task lists that help you move forward with everything we as busy women face day to day.

The Home Life Planner is for every woman in whatever stage of life you’re in. It is for any woman who desires to be intentional and simplify her life—every woman who feels overwhelmed by all the many hats she wears and wants more time to spend doing what she loves and being engaged in those important relationships in her life.  If you are keeping track of school goals, planning your family’s daily schedule, or running your business, then the Home Life Planner is for you!

A traditional planner, colorless and plain won’t do to inspire your hopes and dreams.

I know I need this in my life!

Sounds great, but why the Kickstarter?

Here’s the thing. I have been creating the Home Life Planner since 2013. My first product launched to a small test market (aka. a few of my friends) and they loved it! I loved it! It was an awesome tool.

I decided to print 50 more to sell at a homeschool conference in Alberta, and again, the response was great. Women were loving the planner and my second conference increased the positive response and the customer base.

The following year showed continued growth.  In addition to many return customers, there were a ton of new ones. I was so excited, and the people using my planners were excited as well.

Unfortunately, I did not consider that 2 conferences a year and some online sales would not be enough to continue to run a business the rest of the year and to print the planners the following year.

There was a lot of disappointment expressed this year that this tool was unavailable. However, it was tough to expand, as the high cost of printing a full colour planner in Canada, plus the inability to create discounted bulk orders, was making the price out of reach for many.

I have been working very hard at coming up with a solution. And I found it! But, I need your help. We’ve managed to keep everything local and cut the cost, so long as the quantity is there. It’s time to go big or go home, and I’m really hoping that together we will be able to go big!

Thank you for your support. I look forward to helping you stay organized, get inspired, encouraged, and equipped!

Check out the 2018 Home Life Planner and Kickstarter here