Organizing and Storing Kids Clothing

Organizing and Storing Kids Clothing

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Being organized in all areas of our lives, makes life run a little smoother.

For example, when we know where the car keys are, it’s a lot quicker and easier to get out the door without spending 5 minutes in a panic trying to find them.

When it comes to our pantry being organized, having an organized pantry helps us to find what we need to quickly whip up a meal and saves us money by not spending money on things we already have.

Can we all agree that being organized is a big help in the day-to-day?


Great! Moving on…

One area I sort, declutter and organize 2-3 times a year is the kids clothing. Going through this process has helped us save money because we aren’t buying doubles of what we already have.

For example, I recently went through my daughters’ clothing. Before I started the process, I had written down that my youngest was going to need some spring/summer dresses.

It’s a good thing I didn’t shop before I went through their clothing. I found 8 dresses that I had put away from my older daughter!

I have found that the more clothing my children have, the more clothing messes we clean up. Having too much of anything can be overwhelming for anyone, but especially for children. They struggle to put it all away and keep it tidy, and I find it frustrating to give them clean laundry to put away only to find it back in the laundry basket the next day because it ended up on the floor and they couldn’t be bothered to put it away.  

My children don’t have a ton of clothing. I go through it pretty consistently throughout the year, so when it comes to making the season change, it’s not an overwhelming process. We keep what they wear and not a lot of extra. Keeping their clothing simple and basic helps to keep things in better order.

Less clothing=less mess. I don’t know about you, but the less mess I clean, the better.

This is true for pretty much everything we own.

2-3 times a year I drag out all the kids clothing. This usually happens around the season change, so I can make a list of what’s needed for the upcoming season.

I pull out clothing from their closets, baskets, drawers and any storage bins that have clothing, making a pile for each child.

Next, I sort.

Anything that is damaged or badly stained gets thrown out, although because I do this throughout the year, there isn’t usually a lot of it.

If it doesn’t fit or it was an item that they never wore, it goes into the donations pile. For items that have been out grown by my first daughter or son, but will fit their sister or brother eventually, that gets put in a bin labeled with the size, season and gender.

The clothing that is for that season gets tried on. If it fits it gets put back in their closet, drawer or baskets.

As we sort through the clothing, seeing what fits, I make a list for each of my kids and what they need for the season.

I love going through this process. It saves me from buying more button up dress shirts or more jeans because I can see that they already have all they need.

This process works for their clothing, outerwear and footwear too.

Do you want to organize your children’s clothing?

Here is my process (I tend to do this on a day where all the laundry is caught up, so we can see all that we have for kid clothing).


1.     Take it all out

Pull everything out of the closets, drawers and any buckets, baskets or containers. I drag everything out to the living room because there is more space and I can see it all at once.

 All the piles

All the piles



2.     Make a separate pile for each child’s clothing.


3.     Sort it

Pick a child/pile to start with and sort the pile according to like items. Pile for dress shirts, shorts, skirts, sweaters, etc.

When I sort, I tend to start with the older children first so that whatever doesn’t fit them can go into the younger child’s pile to try on, although that doesn’t work for my girls because there is such a large age gap. It does work for my boys though. If it’s something that doesn’t fit my oldest daughter, I will put it into a labeled bin for a few years down the road.

 Off season storage bins

Off season storage bins



4.     Throw it out or donate

As you sort it, throw out anything that is damaged or stained; and place any items in a donation pile that nobody wears or have outgrown, but are still in good condition.


5.     Try it on

My kids do not like hate this part, but it is important to see how things fit. My oldest boy, Malachi has legs that are growing like weeds right now, but his younger brother is not growing at the same rate. He doesn’t always fit into Malachi’s pants as soon as he’s ready to pass them on. When Declan tries them on, I’m able to see if they fit now or later, so I can make the decision; back in the closet or into a storage bin? 


6.     Make a list

Once we know what fits for that season and what they have, I make a list of what is needed. I know there have been times where one kid has 6 pairs of pants and the other has 1 pair of pants.

I also make a list of any storage solutions that are needed.

Making a list for the clothing needed and storage needs, helps me stay focused when shopping and keeps me from spending on things that we already have. 


7.     Put it away

Once everything is sorted and tired on, we put it all back in the closet, drawers and baskets. Anything that we are keeping, but doesn’t fit anyone at that time, or is not suitable for the season, goes into storage.


And that’s it. That’s my process for sorting and organizing clothes. I do this process for all clothing items with the kids. Everything from clothing to, outerwear and footwear.

This process works with clothing for adults as well, but to be completely honest, I know I need to go through my own clothing, but I have put it off for many years. I have a bin full of smaller clothing that I keep hoping I’ll fit into one day, but let’s be honest, I will probably never fit those clothes again. Hear that sound? That’s me crying bitter tears of reality. Sigh…

Spring is coming! Are the wardrobes in your house ready for it?



I did it! I finally tackled my own clothing and got rid of a massive bin (think Costco size) of clothing that doesn’t fit or I don’t love on me, so it just sits in the bin or closet. It feels good!