How We Became A Homeschool Family

 A few years ago (2012/2013)

A few years ago (2012/2013)

I often wonder how and why people end up homeschooling, what curriculum they use, what their schedule is like and how they run their homes. I know, nosey eh? But I know I’m not the only one!

This is our story of how we became a homeschool family.

Many people might assume that I homeschool because I was homeschooled off and on throughout my life. But that was not why we started. I enjoyed and preferred homeschooling during my school years, but I looked forward to sending my little ones off to school and the adventures they would have and the things I would do once they were in school. I often daydreamed about what I would do when they were all in school.

When my oldest was 3, I was asked if I had looked into schools for her yet? Say WHAT !!?? School !!?? At 3 years old !!?? I really had no idea that kids go to preschool at 3 and 4 years of age.  I wasn’t ready to let her go at 3 or 4, it was too early. The idea of putting her in school for someone else to spend the day with broke my heart. I figured I would get over it and by kindergarten I would be ready.

When she was 5 we decided to put her in kindergarten at one of the local Christian schools.  That school was so popular that people would line up early, early AM to register. We got our application ready and my hubby was ready to head out early the next morning because that’s what everyone else was doing.

That night, the only way I could explain it was that God was speaking to my heart. I could not sleep. I tossed and turned and wrestled with the idea of putting her in school for HOURS that night. If I couldn’t put her in school, my only other option was to homeschool her. How was I going to do that? Hours went by and I still did not have peace about what we were about to do.

Proverbs 22:6 was going through my head over and over again. Finally at 2am I woke my hubby up and told him I didn’t have peace about putting her in school and that we should look into homeschooling. He said ok (I think he was happy to not have to wait out early in the cold). After that I fell asleep immediately. I finally had peace.

This year we are going on our 6th...ahem...7th year of homeschooling (I wrote this last year). It's hard to believe I’ve made it this long. It's by God's grace and the support of my hubby and family that I keep going. It’s not easy and there are many days that I contemplate the cost of boarding school...any other homeschool moms relate? Sometimes I have to remind myself of the benefits and why we have chosen to homeschool. What is the big picture ? 

Homeschooling has its ups and downs and its challenges, but I wouldn’t do it any differently. This is the path God has directed my family to take and we are walking...sometimes to the best of our abilities.