Grade 5 Schedule for 2015/2016

Hi ! Today I am posting the 2015/2016 schedule for my 5th grader. Hannah is 9 and will be 10 mid-October. She is starting grade 5 this year in all of her subjects except for math. This is the schedule I have planned for her. I have not included her reading of novels as she does so much of that on her own that I didn't think it was necessary to schedule it in.

She has a full schedule this year after school that involves dance 2x's a week, plus piano lessons. This is the first year we have had any of our children in this many extra curricular activities. We've pretty much gone from 1 activity a week to having 6 extra curricular activities between all of them. YIKES !! We'll see how it goes. 

Grade 5 Homeschool Schedule