Don't Panic, But Have You Noticed The Date?


Looking at the calendar this morning, I panicked a little. Is school really only 5 weeks away!? It is…at least for those of us in B.C., Canada. I knew it was coming up, but I was in denial in July thinking September is so far away, but now it’s August

Over the last 6 years of homeschooling, I have been ready for the next school year before the summer break. But this year…? Not so much, hence the panic. I like to prepare practically and mentally. Please tell me I am not the only one that has to mentally prepare for the school year ahead!

This year I’m only prepared a little in each way. The reason for that is because we are transitioning this year from doing school in the dinning room and having curriculum and resources stored throughout the house, to having a school room. A school room! I am doing a happy dance right now over my excitement at having a school room. Lol…you know you’re a homeschool mom when you get excited about a school room, putting maps and charts on the wall, desk arrangements and curriculum storage. Ha!

The reason for me not being fully prepared is because the school room is not ready yet. One of my brothers is moving out mid August and then I can go nuts with the painting, decorating, setting up and organizing school supplies. Ekkk!! That makes me giddy…I am not normal, people and I’m ok with it ;) If anyone is looking for me mid August, that is where I’ll be.

Ahem…where was I?

I am no expert, but I have a process I go through every year for getting ready for the school year and I thought I’d share it with you. I find when I put everything on paper, it helps me to focus and move forward. This process works whether you have a school room or school in the living room or dining room. It works with curriculum/assignments you put together yourself or a boxed/complete program.

Preparing for the school year:

1-Sort through curriculum, resource books and supplies from the year you have just finished. Either store them away for future years, organize them to be used for the upcoming year, sell, donate or throw away.

2-Organize supplemental resources (books, charts, project kits, etc.)  according to subject. You can also get more in depth with your organizing by organizing them in the subjects, according to grade level.

3-Once you have an idea of what resources and curriculum you have, create a list of subjects/grades needed for each student.

4-Create a list of projects for the year and make sure to add those items needed to your shopping list

5-Create curriculum and school supplies shopping list **Free Printable Here**

6-Now for the fun part, go shopping!

7-Organize and put curriculum, resources and supplies away

This is my way of getting ready for the new school year. What are some ways you prepare for the school year ahead?