Best Work At Home Jobs For Moms-Part 2-Is Direct Sales For You?


Best Work At Home Jobs For Moms-Is Direct Sales For You?

There are so many work at home opportunities available for those that want to make some extra income. BUT as great as they sound, my question is, do they actually work?

Personally, before I jump into anything, I need to know the why, how and so much more about what it is I'm doing.

I know I’m not the only one who likes to have answers and details, so I thought others would benefit from an in-depth look into work from home opportunities, starting with Direct Sales and what they have to offer. 

For those that are not familiar with Direct Sales, direct selling describes the business model where independent contractors (or representatives or distributors) sell a company’s products and/or services directly to consumers. They might do this through door-to-door sales, through the internet or by having home parties. There is no fixed retail location, although often direct sellers work out of their homes.

Over the years I have had some disappointing experiences with direct sales (see my story here), but in the last year I have been coming around once again to the idea. This was not because I wanted to work that type of business structure, but I wanted to support my friends and I really like the great products that they were offering.

I’ve heard so many times that “direct selling is a great way to supplement your income and even transition into full-time income”.

It sounds great, but I wanted to know, is it for real?

Over the years I have gotten to know other local moms who are involved in direct sales, each in different companies. I had lots of questions and I wanted some real-life examples, so I decided to conduct some interviews.

There are hundreds of direct sales companies, everything from food and wine, to fashion and accessories, to kitchen tools and accessories, even chocolate! There is something that will appeal to everyone.

I will only be covering a handful of companies, but these are the ones that I have had some experience with, I know someone who is a consultant and I have personally used their products.

I believe this business model has a lot going for it. It’s doable, but it doesn’t mean it’s easy. It’s up to individuals to choose the company that fits them and to work the business.

Here are some of the reasons I think direct sales are great:

·      It’s a feasible option for families who want or need to add to their household income or even replace their income.

·      There are so many different types of products to choose from…even Dove sells chocolate through this model!!

·      It’s a proven system.

·      Quick and easy to get started.

·      Usually a low or even free start-up costs.

·      Built in cheerleaders (others in the company).

·      Training opportunities.

·      Fun incentives (for hosts and consultants).

·      Flexible hours.

·      Good quality (usually, but do your research) and guarantees.

·      You can work from home.

·      Can work as little or as much as you want.

·      Be able to connect with other adults…grown up time ;)

·      Discounts for a product that you love!

That is the fun stuff, but what about the hard stuff? What does it actually take to make it work? What are the characteristics to be successful in direct selling? Because honestly, this type of business is not for everyone.

For this business model to work, you need:

·      To be self-motivated

·      Have a strong work ethic

·      Have a plan as to how you will work the business

·      Have passion for the product

·      Great time management skills

·      Be able to ignore the nay-sayers

·      The ability to keep going when the going gets tough

If you’re saying yep, that’s me! I think I could do that! Then you should ask yourself a few more questions. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Questions to ask:

 About yourself:

·      What are your interests?

       What are you passionate about?

·      Is this something you will use, can get excited about and feel comfortable promoting?

About the company:

·      When was the company founded and by whom?

·      Is the company international?

·      Can you sell internationally?

·      Is this a company you believe in?

·      Is it consumable and does that matter to you?

·      What are the pro’s and cons of a consumable product?


·      What are the product ingredients?

·      Is everything ethically made?

·      Do you need to stock inventory?

·      Is there a guarantee or warranty?

Customer Service:

·      When and how quickly are items shipped?

·      Is the hostess incentive provided by the company or rep?


·      How much is the initial investment and do you need to carry stock?

·      Are there requirements to remain active?

·      Is there a cancellation fee?

·      What is the commission rate?

·      Is there a consultant discount?


·      Are there incentives for the hostess?

·      Are there incentives for the consultants?


·      Does the company provide training?


These are some of the things to consider, some questions to ask yourself if you are considering this as an opportunity for yourself, as well as some questions to ask about the business you are considering.

If you are still following along, then come see what I have learned about these companies and maybe you will find a company that works for you :)

  •     Arbonne
  •     31 Gifts
  •     Tupperware
  •     Park Lane Jewelry (coming soon!)
  •     Norwex (coming soon!)
  •     Young Living Oils (coming soon!)

And hopefully more!