The Best Work At Home Jobs For Moms

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Best Work At Home Jobs For Moms

These days, the cost of EVERYTHING has gone up and yet wages have not kept up with the increased living expenses. This has many of us looking for ways to make some extra cash, whether it’s to pay for dance lessons, vehicle repairs, a vacation or even basic needs.

This is true for my family as well. Over 12 years ago we decided that I would stay home full time with the kids. We eventually decided I would also homeschool our children. This meant we have had to make do on one income and forgo on a lot of things. To be honest, it’s never been easy. My husband is a carpenter (a very talented one I might add) and we live in an expensive city. As much as we would like to pay bills, grocery shop or pay unexpected expenses (hello appliances and vehicle repairs!!) without having to do some fancy work with the pay check, or wondering how we are going to pay for even the basics at times, the truth is there are many times where there is nothing we can do, but pray.

I am not complaining…although I admit, sometimes I do, but for the most part I have learned to trust God. He is faithful and has provided in some amazing ways!! I won’t go into detail here, but I’m happy to share if you want to know more.

As much as I appreciate all that we have learned from our circumstances…and believe me there has been a lot, it would still be nice to make some extra income to take the pressure off a bit.

Over the last year we have been weighing the options of ways to increase our income. We have thought about what it would look like for our family, for me to get a job in the evenings, Graeme getting a second job, or even putting the kids in school to enable me to work (which we decided was not what we would do at this time), but nothing has made sense to us and our family dynamic. Increasing the income vs. the increased stress that would come along with it, was not going to work.

I have always loved the idea of being an entrepreneur, I love all things business and in fact started Plum Cheeky Solutions 4 years ago with the idea to sell Student Planners and Home Life Planners to help others and to make a bit of an income. That did not take off in a way that we had hoped, although I still offer those as printables. So, it’s back to the drawing board.

I have been doing some research and have looked into many “work from home” jobs, but nothing I came across was a good fit for me or even available in Canada, which as a Canadian can be a little frustrating at times. Some of these jobs require know-how or certification; and I don't think any of them are an easy, quick fix idea to bring in an income. Even if you have the skill set, you would still need to find the work and market yourself.

Here are a few work from home jobs I came across. Click on the job title for more information about the job. 

Social Media Manager

Virtual Assistant          

Graphic Designer  




Blogger  I've been at this awhile myself and still have yet to make an income from it, although I know those that do. It is a little more complicated then just writing. 

Data Entry   

In-Home Childcare

And then there's Direct Sales and Network Marketing.

Knowing a few people who are in direct sales and having had some past experience myself I decided to look into it a little more to see if it truly had potential to create an income.

What I have learned, is if you want to make some extra money and want your own business, direct selling could be the industry for you with very little risk and very little set up involved. There are also no special skills or certification required.

Direct sale companies have been around a long time and they don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Most people today have either joined a company at some point themselves, (even if it was just to get the starter kit and discount), know someone who does direct sales or has attended a party.

My first experience with this industry type was back in early 2001/2002. I started working for a company that sells books. I went to a training event out of town where everything was hyped up and I was super excited. The product was incredible and I knew if I ever homeschooled when I had children, that I would want these books in my collection.

On a side note, I do homeschool and I do own these books :)

The products were fantastic, the experience on the other hand, for so many reasons, was terrible.

I didn’t last long with that company.

After that experience, I really wasn’t impressed with the idea of doing direct sales, although I admit, I really didn’t know much about them other than the existence of Mary Kay and Avon. I thought they were all door-to-door, and I was not interested in doing that again. I’m not one to willingly subject myself to rejection all day long.

My next adventure came a few years before marriage and children. I joined a skincare/nutrition company (there are a lot of them). I liked the skincare product, but I didn’t actively look to build my business as I was just wanting the product for myself.

6 years later, a friend called me, knowing I was an esthetician by trade and wanted to invite me to a party she was hosting for a nutritional/skincare company (this was a different one than before).

I loved the product and decided to join the team. I learned all about the product and attended many local training days, I had parties, invited everyone I knew and tried to build my business. I loved the products, but I was not making any sales or having any success recruiting.

I thought there was something wrong with me because other people were able to be successful at it.

I was beyond discouraged and got to a point where I couldn’t maintain my own monthly minimums, so I let it go. This business opportunity that was meant to contribute to our family income, ended up costing us a lot in the end.

Again, another direct sales failure and disappointment.

At this point I was a little skeptical…ok more than a little…when it came to direct sales, both as a customer and as a rep.

It’s taken awhile, but I finally warmed up to the idea of direct sales, again…at least the shopping part of it. I was ready to cheer on others from the sideline, host the occasional party and purchase from them.

All the products I had used were fantastic and I was supporting friends and their businesses. I also loved the idea of shopping from home, because let’s face it, going to the store or the mall with 4 kids in tow is not a relaxed experience. Shopping at home…or at least someone else’s home however is so much more relaxed, and fun! With direct sales parties, I am able to go out and visit with other ladies, enjoy some yummy food, check out some great products and shop in the comfort of someone’s home. That sounded like the ultimate shopping experience.

Over the last year or so I have done a complete 180 when it comes to direct sales. From detesting the business structure and avoiding the products, to wholeheartedly promoting and purchasing products via that business model. I would even say I am a fan of direct sales! Not only have I been super impressed with the products I have purchased, but they usually have a great guarantee.

One thing I love about these companies is that they enable those that work the business, to create an income. This is a huge blessing to those that want to make an extra income on the side or create an income that allows them to stay home full time. What’s not to love?

There are many direct sales companies and some of them have a great reputation. Those ones do well and have been around for many, many years. That says something about the products, the quality and business structure. People keep coming back for more.

Working for a direct selling company sounds like it would be a great solution for many people, and I love the products I have purchased, but I still had questions as far as the business side goes.

Is this really a feasible business model?

What opportunities are out there?

What does one look for when wanting to join one of these companies?

I was curious and decided to break things down and interview some local moms who are in this business model, to talk about the ins and outs of the business that they are a part of. If you are looking for a way to make more income, than this is a good place to look for some information and weigh your options.

I am a detail person; I like knowing the why’s and the how’s before making a decision and the reality. The story about the person who makes $200,000 a year is great, but how did they get there? What does it look like for someone who is starting with the company?

Over the next few posts I will be featuring different consultants and their journey in direct selling. These are moms, just like you, who were looking for a way to help bring in an income.

My hope is that if you are considering direct sales or even purchasing from some of these companies, that some of your questions will be answered.

Please note: There are hundreds of direct sales companies in North America, so I will not be able to cover even a fraction of them. The companies I will be covering are ones that I have had direct experience with by purchasing products or have attended a party for.

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