About Me

 My love and I !

My love and I !

I wear many hats; wife, mama, daughter, sister, sister in law, cousin, friend, aunt, and sergeant major…not really the last one, but I feel like I give orders often enough to warrant that title.

 I am a second-generation homeschool mama to 4 sweet (and spicy),loud...I’m pretty sure God has big plans for them that require a loud voice!...and energetic kiddos. I have been married to my biggest fan and support, my best friend and the perfect man for me, Graeme for almost 11 years.

 Growing up I was the oldest of 6 and the only girl. I took it upon myself to try to keep everyone and everything in order. At 5 years old, I dumped out the contents of my Fisher Price doctor’s kit and filled it with pencils, paper and a calculator. I wanted to work in an office. At the age of 8 when my mom was in the hospital having brother number 4, I created a schedule for my dad so he knew how to run the house without mom there. Ok, so maybe I was a little strange !

 At a young age it was evident that I loved to plan, organize and schedule. That is still me to this day. Those that know me, know that I love to plan, organize, plan some more and plan to plan (yep, that really is a thing). Whether it’s planning meals, parties, school projects or just the day-to-day, I love it! Organizing!? YES PLEASE!! I love that too. My hubby jokes that I nest pregnant or not and go thru and organize our space every 4 months or so. It’s actually mostly out of necessity these days, as well as a love for it.

 As a mom, life is busy, especially when you add homeschool to the mix. As much as I love planning and organizing, I have not had to implement it as much as I have had to with 4 children, homeschooling and having 2 brothers living with us.

 Now don’t get me wrong, I love to plan, schedule and organize, but that doesn’t mean my house is a staged magazine or Pinterest house...I’m sure you know exactly what I mean! I have 4 kids at home…ALL. THE. TIME. I homeschool my 3 big kids and my toddler runs around making messes faster then humanly possible to keep up with. Oh and my schedule rarely goes as planned. 

Occasionally this love for all things organized and planned turns out to be a love/hate relationship with planning and organizing. The biggest reason ? I can't organize myself an extra bathroom, an office, a homeschool room or a bigger house...and I seem to be the only one in the house who really cares about those things. In those moments when I am so frustrated at my situation, I have a choice to make, either mope about it and feel sorry for myself and get nothing accomplished, or I thank God for what I DO have, pull up my boot straps and get back to it. The results, sense of satisfaction that come from an organized space are always worth the effort.

 I have a desire to encourage and equip other homeschool families with practical tips and ideas for all areas of this homeschool life. This blog isn’t about one particular area. Life is a bit like a bowl of spaghetti where everything is intertwined. Some days I may blog about organizing or meal planning or scheduling or homeschooling…really anything that is part of the going on in my families’ life. We’re not perfect and not really that interesting…but maybe you can relate or find something encouraging or a tip that you can apply to your life. I hope so ! Welcome here !