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14 Strategies For Moms To Stop Overwhelm

I am a doer by nature and love to “get ‘er done”, but this year I felt like I was drowning. The things I used to enjoy doing were no longer exciting to me. I felt on the verge of dissolving into a puddle of tears at any given moment. 

I was completely overwhelmed. 

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Easy Ways To Boost Your Family's Immune System

Personally, I prefer a more natural approach when it comes to our health, and I love learning about how we can take care of our bodies with natural methods, ingredients and sources. As a mama, I feel it is my job to do my best to keep my family healthy.

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7 Best Travel Tips For A Successful Road Trip With Kids

It’s road trip season!!

A family road trip can be so much fun, but they can also be a disaster. 

A little preparation can go a long ways for a successful road trip with kids. 

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Don't Be So Busy Being Mom, That You Forget To Enjoy Motherhood

“Enjoy it while it lasts. They grow so quickly!”

These last few months I feel as if I have been in mourning. 

I’m at the end of an era that I’m not ready to give up. 

But, whether I’m ready or not, it’s happening.

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The Ultimate 2018 Spring Cleaning Challenge Is Here!!

Who’s excited for Spring and who’s excited for Spring cleaning!? 

Me, myself and I, that’s who!! I know I have this strange love of cleaning and organizing, but I wouldn’t have it any other way ;)

It has taken me forever to finally get this complete, but I am pleased to finally be able to bring to  you, Plum Cheeky Solutions first ever, 2018 Spring Cleaning Challenge!! Woohoo!!

The Spring Cleaning Challenge is set to start Monday April 30th and will continue over a 5 week period, but you are welcome to work at it at your own pace. 

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Organizing and Storing Kids Clothing

One area I sort, declutter and organize 2-3 times a year is the kids clothing. Going through this process has helped us save money because we aren’t buying doubles of what we already have.

For example, I recently went through my daughters’ clothing. Before I started the process, I had written down that my youngest was going to need some spring/summer dresses.

It’s a good thing I didn’t shop before I went through their clothing. I found 8 dresses that I had put away from my older daughter!

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3 Secrets To Keeping A Clean Home

When I was first married, the biggest mess I had to deal with was dishes because we didn’t really make a lot of messes. I would clean my home on Fridays and it would stay that way for the most part until the following week.

I have to say I was pretty proud of myself and thought I had it all figured out about keeping my home clean, which is rather funny because I grew up with 5 brothers and I remember how frustrated I was when they could care less about clean and tidy. Apparently I thought it would be different when I had a family. Haha!

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51 Super Easy Ways to Save Money

I love cutting costs anyway that I can.

Having a growing family and mostly one income, has not allowed for a ton of wiggle room over the years in the finance department. As the main shopper in the house (groceries, household items, clothing, etc.) I have had to be creative with how I spend the money and how I cut costs. I know that one or two things may not seem like much, but all the small steps together, can equal big results over the years. 

These are 51 things that I have done over the years to save money.

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A Simple Weekly Cleaning Plan To Keep Your Home Clean

Keeping a clean home isn’t impossible (even with kids) and it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. 15 minutes a day is all you need to keep a clean home.

I’m not going to lie…it’s not 15 minutes in total because there are daily jobs that sometimes take longer...hello dishes!! The 15 minutes a day I am referring to are the deeper cleaning tasks that help to keep your home clean. Think dusting, bathroom, washing floors…those more thorough cleaning tasks.

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