Work At Home With Thirty-One Gifts


As an organization fanatic, I fell in love with all things Thirty-One.

Seriously, I get giddy over their products. The beautiful designs and practical function of the products made them (at least in my mind), the perfect solution for so many areas of my home. I want pretty much at least one of everything, buuuut…have to show some restraint.

My first exposure to the products was through a friend who had worked as a consultant. She had it throughout her home, but the thing that really caught my attention was her wallet. I love a wallet that opens up all the way and has a lot of space for organizing.

After seeing her wallet, I decided to check everything out online.

You guys, I’ve been hooked ever since.

My first purchase was a purse that was on clearance and then a wallet. They are beautiful!!

Over the last few months, I’ve also bought a couple of totes. One is for our beach/pool bag and the other is my errands tote. These have been so useful in keeping everything together.

I recently took advantage of an incredible sale they had going on and eventually, I will do a video on how I am using them to stay organized.

You guys, these products are amazing! They are beautiful and extremely well made. I have found similar looking items in stores, but rarely are they as good of quality and as durable. With kids in the house, I NEED durable.

Long story short, when I went to purchase my first item, my friend was no longer a consultant with Thirty-One. When I was looking to purchase the purse, the system had a consultant contact me, but she was out of town. I really wanted to be able to touch and feel the quality of the products before buying.

A friend mentioned that she knew someone local who was a consultant for the company. I contacted her and turns out we had met a few times over the years.

She was having a party that weekend at her friend’s place and she told me I was welcome to come along.

I have never shown up at someone’s house, to a party, not knowing the host, but I REALLY wanted to see these products. I totally party crashed! Hahah. I am glad I did!

A couple months later I was able to sit down with Christina and ask her some questions about the company and the opportunity to work from home.

This is her story:

Christina is a wife and mother of 2. She works a couple of days a week at her job and also does Thirty-One on the side.  She originally started with Pampered Chef years ago, but as her hours at work had picked up, she dropped it.

She started with Thirty-One in January of 2017.

Tell me a bit about the company you are with:

Thirty-One Gifts was founded by a Christian woman that named the company after the Proverbs 31 woman. They have been around since 2003, but opened up in Canada in 2012.

What was your big WHY for joining the company?

I loved the products, the companies vision to support women, flexibility and the income potential. It is a great opportunity.

What products does Thirty-One Gifts offer?

Fashionable and functional products for you, your family and your home.

What does your average work week look like with Thirty-One?

At this time, I am working on building my business, online and at home parties. I spend an average of 6-12 hours a week depending on if I’m doing home parties that week or not.

The end of the month is a little busier as I prep social media and newsletters for the following month.

A couple evenings a week I place orders and do follow up with customers.

I add sales and promotions to my FB page, do live videos and post content on there weekly.

How do you sell your products and get it out there in front of people?

I post on FB 2-3 days per week, throughout the day

Vendor events

FB party events

Home parties-There are excellent host benefits that are provided by the company.

What are the start-up costs to become a Thirty-One consultant?

The start-up kit is $115, plus tax and shipping for $450 worth of products.

There is a $12.95 monthly fee for the consultant website, which is for people to shop directly from you, from your personal site.

What is the pay structure?

The commissions pay out starts at 25% and goes up to 34% as your business and team grows.

The consultant discount is 25% for when we shop for ourselves.

Are there requirements for maintaining your consultant status? 

To stay active as a consultant you must have $200 in sales every 3 months. If it has lapsed, then to reactivate you must submit an order of $200.

What are your personal favourite products?

31 Gifts.png

All About the Benjamin’s Wallet

Fresh Market Thermal

Cindy Tote

Deluxe Utility Tote

What advice do you have for someone who may be considering joining Thirty-One?

Start off with a launch party and take advantage of the *StartSwell program to build up your supplies. Also, invest in the business materials, like little brochures.

*The StartSwell Program: In your first 120 days, in each 30-day period that you sell $500, you receive 25% in free credit on top of your commissions.


Any final comments or thoughts?

Thirty-One is a great opportunity with fantastic, useable products. It’s a great opportunity to get in early while it is still fairly new.

These products are really awesome! If you love beautiful designs, organizing your home and would like to earn some extra income, then Thirty-One could be the perfect fit for you.

Here's more about the company:

If you have questions about the business or want to shop (Canada only), then contact Christina at

Check out Christina's site here.

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