3 Secrets To Keeping A Clean Home

3 Secrets To Keeping A Clean Home

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There are a few secrets to keeping your home clean.

The one I’m sure you’ve heard before is maintenance. Every. Single. Day.

It’s true. Daily maintenance is important and a key to keeping your home clean, but keep in mind, daily maintenance doesn’t mean perfection and it doesn’t require hours and hours of work.

Today I am giving you permission to let go of impossible expectations.

BUT, while you’re letting go of the impossible expectations, don’t go in the opposite direction and say, “who cares, it’s impossible, so why try?”

Believe me, you will feel better about your home when you put in the effort to clean it, then if you do nothing at all.

When we do nothing, it continues to get worse and then it’s that much harder to tackle the cleaning when we do decide to do something about it.

When I was first married, the biggest mess I had to deal with was dishes because we didn’t really make a lot of messes. I would clean my home on Fridays and it would stay that way for the most part until the following week.

I have to say I was pretty proud of myself and thought I had it all figured out about keeping my home clean. Which is rather funny because I grew up with 5 brothers and I remember how frustrated I was when they could care less about clean and tidy. Apparently I thought it would be different when I had a family. Haha!

I must’ve been in my “I think I have life figured out” stage.

That only lasted so long because then we had kids.

One kid- I still managed the cleaning and organizing fairly well.

Two kids-It was definitely getting harder to maintain my home…and then number three came along…

By this point with 2 little whirlwinds making messes faster than I could clean up, and a newborn; it seemed impossible to have a perfect home. And it was. Perfection is impossible, but I didn’t realize that then.

I still thought that my home was to look perfect at all time to the point it looked like nobody lived there. Except we did live there.

The problem wasn’t my housekeeping skills. Part of the problem was the pressure I was putting on myself. There was this Pinterest perfect home standard that I felt I couldn’t maintain…and I couldn’t, but that was ok. I had to realize that it’s ok for our homes to not be perfect, for us to live in it and enjoy it.

The problem with impossible expectations is that we either push so hard to keep things perfect, that we never enjoy our space and then end up angry at those that are making the messes (sadly, I know this from experience). Or the standard in our head is so impossible, we give up because it’s discouraging. Who will even bother trying if they know they’ll fail?

Not many of us.

Neither of those situations are good.

I finally realized that Instead of beating myself up for not measuring up to the impossible standard, and grumbling about all that I needed to do, I decided to be thankful for the home I have and my children. Thankful I have messes and littles who make those messes, to clean in the first place!

Here’s the thing. Being thankful for the home we have, can actually motivate us to take care of it. When we appreciate something we make sure to treat it well. Does that make sense?

The 3 secrets to keeping your home clean are:

1-Be thankful for the home you have…everyday!

2-Let go of impossible expectations

3-Implement daily habits to maintain your home

The first 2 are more in your thoughts and attitude, while number 3 is the practical “rubber hits the road”. So how do we maintain our home?

Maintaining a home can be broken down into daily, weekly and monthly tasks, as well as seasonal and annual tasks.

Daily Tasks

These are not meant for deep cleaning, they’re more like tidy tasks. You can read about what I do daily to maintain my home here and here, and get your printable checklist.

Weekly Tasks

Weekly tasks are for a more thorough clean of high traffics areas. This is what I do weekly in my home.

Monthly Tasks

These are tasks that don’t need to be done every week, but are again more thorough and needing to be done on a monthly basis. More on that later.

Seasonal Tasks

Seasonal tasks do not need to be done often, but for the upkeep of your home, should be done 1-2 times a year. I like to do them with the season change.  

If you are unsure of where to start with keeping your home clean because it seems so overwhelming, just start with a couple of the daily tasks. Once you have those down, add a few more and so on from there. Before you know it your home with be keeping itself clean ;)