2018 Spring Cleaning Challenge-Day 4

Day 4 Spring Cleaning Challenge.png

Welcome to Day 4 of the Spring Cleaning Challenge!!

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Today we are going to start tackling the kitchen. 

You Will Need:

  • Large bucket or basket
  • Cleaning cloth and/or sponge
  • Norwex cleaning paste or baking soda paste
  • Cleaning toothbrush

Get Started:

  • Grab a big basket and load anything that’s on the counters, into it. Haul everything to your dining room table or the floor somewhere, but just get it off the counter and out of the kitchen, so you can clean it and easily reach the backsplash. 
  • Start with wiping down your backsplash with hot soapy water and a scrubby sponge (but not abrasive) or microfiber cloth. Making sure to clean the grout too if you have it. I like to use a toothbrush to really get at the grout.
  • Next, move on to the counters. Wipe them thoroughly with hot soapy water and your cloth or sponge. 
  • Once the counters have dried, bring all the stuff back, making sure to wipe things (knife block, small appliances, fruit basket, oils, etc.) down before you put them back on the counter. 

That’s it for Week 1! You did it! 

If you need a couple extra days to complete these tasks, go for it!