2018 Spring Cleaning Challenge Week 3 Day 2

spring cleaning curtains and blinds

Today for the Spring Cleaning Challenge we are cleaning blinds and curtains. I'm sorry. Cleaning blinds has never been my favourite job. The dust comes off easily, but it doesn’t remove any greasy build up; so giving them a quick dusting is not a terrible job, but washing them takes a bit more elbow grease. 

Once a year I suck it up and get to it; giving them a good scrubbing. 

If you have vinyl or aluminum blinds, you can let them soak in the tub, but if they are wood or difficult to remove, you will have to do them by hand. 

You Will Need:

  • Soft brush attachment on your vacuum or dusting mitt or dusting wand
  • Damp microfibre cloth, sock or blinds cleaning thinga majigy It looks like this
slat blinds cleaner

Get Started:

Blinds (By Hand):

  • Start by dusting the blinds. You can use a soft brush attachment for your vacuum, or use a dusting cloth. Move from top to bottom and right to left (or left to right, whatever feels best to you). 
  • Use warm soapy water to get your microfiber cloth damp. 
  • Turn the blind to a flat position. Working from top to bottom, pinch a slat between your thumb and other fingers and run your hand along the slat, working around the strings. 
  • Continue until you have completed all the slats.

Bathtub Method: 

See instructions here


If you have curtains, remove them and follow the washing instructions. 

Once they have been washed and are dry, hang them back up.

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