2018 Spring Cleaning Challenge Week 2 Day 2

Spring Cleaning ChallengeWeek 2 Day 2.png

Welcome to Week 2 Day 1 of the 2018 Spring Cleaning Challenge!!

Today is similar to yesterday, but instead of the fridge, our focus is the freezer. 

Cleaning the freezer will probably reveal some interesting finds that you didn’t realize were in there. It’s always a guessing game trying to figure out what the leftover remains are in the glass dish. I always hope to find leftover chocolate cream cheese icing ;).

You Will Need:

  • Vacuum with soft brush attachment
  • Microfibre cloth

Get Started:

  • Turn the freezer off.
  • Unload freezer, throwing out anything that is a mystery, freezer burnt or long expired. Place everything else into a cooler.
  • Empty ice and remove bowl. Place on counter and allow to get to room temperature before washing. 
  • Remove all drawers and shelves that are detachable and place on counter to allow them get to room temperature before washing, to avoid cracking. 
  • Wipe surrounding seal.
  • Vacuum out any crumbs.
  • Wash top to bottom, remembering the sides, with damp microfiber cloth.
  • Wash ice bowl, drawers and shelves in sink with warm soapy water. 
  • Dry the inside. 
  • Replace everything in an orderly way and turn the freezer back on.