2018 Spring Cleaning Challenge-Day 3

spring cleaning day 3

Welcome to Day 3 of the Spring Cleaning Challenge. 

Here are the links if you are looking for a brief description for Day 1 and Day 2

Today is all about the walls. 

Those of us with little kids and pets are in for a bit of an upper body workout with all the scrubbing that is ahead of us. You won't just be getting clean walls, but you'll also be getting in some exercise. You're welcome ;)

You Will Need:

  • Microfibre cloth (or cloth of choice) 
  • Some type of cleaning paste  (I like Norwex, but you can use baking soda to make a paste)for those areas that need scrubbing. Even a Magic eraser works well for this. 
  • Flat floor mop with extender to reach the tops of the walls

Get Started:

  • With your damp cloth in hand, pick a starting wall and work around the room clockwise. Washing the wall from top to bottom and right to left or left to right…whatever feels best for you. Make sure to switch arms once in a while too. 
  • If you require more cleaning power, use paste or magic eraser. 
  • Move on to the next room.
  • Work until all rooms/walls are complete. 

Check out the cleaning task for Day 4. 

Get your free Spring Cleaning Printable here: