Daily Checklist

Checklists and I are tight...we go WAY back ! I'm the type that will add things to a list that I have already done, just for the satisfaction of crossing it off (yep, I'm one of THOSE people).

For me, checklists and to do lists keep me focused and stay organized. For the longest time I had sticky notes, calendars and scrap pieces of paper all over the place. Sticky notes were a daily thing, I would write down all the little tasks I did every day because it helped me feel like I had accomplished something...even if it was just making my bed !

It turns out the sticky note to do lists I made years ago, are still relevant to my life today, maybe even more so with the running of a home. I have created a daily task checklist that I have incorporated into the Plum Cheeky Solutions Home Life Planner. This is what I follow to try to stay on top of the household duties.

If you're not sure where to start to try to get on top of house work, try starting with these. I find that if I keep up with these little things everyday, then it's not as big a job to do deep clean the house. Organization helps with that too, but more on that later.

 Here's my daily task checklist, check it out...no pun intended !

Daily Task Checklist