12 Habits Of An Organized Mom

12 Habits of an organized mom

12 Habits Of An Organized Mom

“How do you stay organized with 4 kids?”

I get that question on occasion, and I think it’s funny, because I start to think about all the areas that aren’t all that organized at the moment and I feel like a fraud.

I am a fairly organized person. I love order and everything in its place. I love the benefits of being organized, but I also like LOVE the process. My husband thinks I’m strange to enjoy it so much.

So maybe it is a little strange, but organizing and cleaning make me giddy. When I know I have a project coming up, I feel like a kid excited for Disneyland.

As a homeschooling family, my 4 kids are home all day, every day; so, staying organized…at least semi-organized is not as simple as putting things in their place and they stay that way.  There are many habits and routines I have put in place to keep order in my home.

First, I have made keeping my home tidy(ish), organized(ish) and clean(ish) a priority. It is important to me. This does not mean however that live in a Pinterest perfect world, but I also do not live in filth and disarray.

For me, being organized, isn’t just about having a nice-looking space or matching pretty organizers. While those are fun, the truth is my home and my brain function more optimally when things are in order. When I keep things in order, even when things get untidy, it’s possible to get it back in shape quickly.  

Is being organized a bit of a mystery to you? Do you want more order in your home?

As someone who has many years of cleaning and organizing experience (for myself and others), and someone who loves to read about cleaning and organizing, I’m here to tell you that there really isn’t a secret to getting organized. It also isn’t something that consumes your life and that you have to spend all day doing. Anyone can do it!

Being organized is something that can be learned. It’s really about creating habits and implementing them on a daily basis. Any organized mama has learned strategies and habits that she does daily to keep the home ship running smoothly.

Here is the list of habits of the organized mom, that you can implement too.

1.     They Say No To Procrastinating

Putting off what can be done today for tomorrow is rarely a good idea because soooo much can come up between then and now. It’s easy to procrastinate and put things off, but keeping your home life organized is about doing things now and not later. It always pays off.

There are times where I have decided not to do the dishes the night before and think I’ll do them in the morning. Well, things come up and by mid-day the sink is overflowing with dishes and a 10-minute job has turned into an hour. Yuck!


2.     They Have A Routine

Our routine isn’t perfect and it can be fluid at times, but for the most part we know what we’re doing and when.

We have a morning routine, day routine and night routine.


3.     They Get Themselves Ready First.

This seems to be a hard one at times, but believe me it has a huge impact. I can’t tell you how many times I decided to sleep in, then make breakfast, then, then, then…

I keep saying I’m going to do this, and then go for a shower. Before I know it it’s 1pm and I’m still in my pajamas praying there won’t be an emergency because I really don’t want to drive to the hospital in my pj’s…ahem…I may be speaking from experience here. But in all seriousness, if I am ready for the day ahead of the kids, I’m ready for anything last minute that might come up.


4.     They Do At Least One Load Of Laundry A Day.

Laundry seems to multiply like bunnies. We do at least a load a day to stay on top of it. If not, within a few days there is a pile the size of a ski hill growing on the laundry room floor and it takes forever to tackle.

Start a load first thing in the morning, and throw it in the dryer after breakfast. Spend a few minutes in the afternoon or evening folding and putting it away.


5.     They Keep It Simple. Save Time And Space By Sticking With What They Use And Like.

Clutter everywhere is frustrating, but especially on the edge of the tub when you go to grab the shampoo and knock 6 other bottles off the side. Stick with one shampoo, one conditioner and one soap. We also have a kid all in one wash for our littlest, but that stays in the closet until she needs it.

The same goes for food. Do you really need 5 types of hot sauce, mustard or ketchup? Stick with the basics.


6.     They Clean As They Go

I don’t spend all day, everyday cleaning. As much as I enjoy it, I really don’t want to spend all of my day cleaning. Cleaning as I go takes little time, but has big results. For example, when I get out of the shower, the mirror is steamy, so I take a quick window cloth to it.

When I brush my teeth at night, I will wipe down the bathroom counters and sinks.

We sweep or vacuum the dining room and kitchen after each meal. This prevents a ton of crumbs being dragged all over the house.


 7.     They Spend Time Throughout The Day Tidying Up And Organizing.

Small daily habits help to keep on top of things. We do a quick tidy up a couple times a day and put things back where they go. This includes toys, dishes, paper piles…anything that isn’t where it should be.

I sort the mail as soon as it comes in. Recycle, bills to pay or to file.

The garbage and recycle go out at least once a day.

Toys and books back where they belong.


8.     They Don’t Get Stressed About Other People’s Messes. Let Them Have Some Ownership Of It.

This part is the hardest part from me. I want my children’s rooms to be neat and tidy all the time, but let’s be honest, it doesn’t happen. There is no Pinterest award for their rooms. I used to get mad and frustrated until I learned to let it go. I still do an overhaul on their rooms every couple month because otherwise it looks like a case of hoarders, but in between organizing sessions, I have them “clean” it (their version of clean and my version are very different) and if it bothers me, I shut the door.


9.     They Say “No”

 This isn’t a very popular one, but for my sanity and the running of my home, it’s vital. My to-do list is always full between homeschooling, keeping my home, working and feeding my family. When there are a ton commitments on the calendar I find that leads to a lot of clutter in my head and a feeling of overwhelm. Not to say we never say “yes”, but when we do it’s usually a short-term thing and it’s something we have time for.


10.  They Purge. Often.

I’m not an overly sentimental person, so I don’t hold onto a lot of things, which makes it easy for me to let go of things. I have to do this often or the amount of stuff in our home would become overwhelming.

If you don’t use it or love it, or if it’s broken, then it’s just clutter. Let it go.

This is a great article about how to navigate letting go of the sentimental stuff.


11.  They Make Their Bed Daily.

This is the first task I do in the morning, unless my hubby is still in it ;)

I love how it instantly makes the room look neater and in under 90 seconds. It encourages me to keep the rest of the room looking tidy by putting away any clothes or books instead of letting them pile up.


12.  They Use A Day Planner

This has been a game changer for me. For many years I had random notebooks or sticky notes with all my to-do’s. If those sticky notes walked away with a toddler, I was lost.

Keeping all of my appointments, meals, daily tasks and to-do’s in one place has been a huge help with staying organized, keeping my brain uncluttered and being productive.


See my planner here.


 Motherhood doesn’t have to be a time of chaos and disorder. Yes, there are times and seasons where things will be a bit more chaotic, but give yourself some grace. Even highly organized moms don’t have it together all the time, and that’s ok.

If you would like to have more order, and you are feeling overwhelmed with the list above, start with implementing just a couple of habits. Having order in your home life should be a blessing to you and your family, not a frustration because you have another to-do list to get through.

Don’t procrastinate, pick something and start today. If you are not quite sure where to start because you have so much clutter, start with this declutter checklist. You’ll be happy you did!

I'd love to hear about your favourite habits that help you to stay organized, please leave a comment below.