9 Morning Habits to Help Moms Accomplish More Each Day

There are seasons in life when overwhelm is going to happen, when we are juggling so much that it is unavoidable. New baby, new job, lots of littles, house renovations, etc. It happens, but it shouldn’t be the norm for our lives for years on end.

Yes, family life is busy and yes, if you are homeschooling, that is busy too. Working in the home or outside of the home is busy, but there’s supposed to be more to life than just being busy.

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Overhaul Your Evenings and Transform Your Days In 11 Easy Steps

The mornings where I feel behind for the day, before my feet have even hit the ground, are the worst! I sleep in a little longer than I should and try to avoid getting up because tackling the day seems overwhelming. I know the dirty laundry pile is growing and I remember that the dishes are sitting in the sink, waiting for me.

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Cultivate Joy, Peace and Contentment For Your Life

Intentional was the word I picked for this year’s theme.  

Little did I know what I was getting in to.

It’s funny how sometimes when we say or decide something, the Lord says, “Ok, let’s go!” and He takes it beyond and deeper than what our plans were.

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To Hell With Halloween

Growing up we did not celebrate Halloween. I found that frustrating because what kid doesn’t want to dress up and eat copious amounts of candy!?

When I was 10, I begged my parents for weeks to allow me to go trick or treating with my friends around the neighbourhood. I wore them down with my insistent asking and they finally said yes. I was so excited and got all dressed up in my moms wedding dress. As I waited for my friends, my stomach starter to churn and I started to feel feverish. When my friends finally arrived, I was in bed sick with the stomach flu! I’ll never forget that!

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Emergency Evacuation Packing Checklist

Growing up my friends would often tease me because I would always pack a lot whenever we would go somewhere.

I had a good reason for packing so much and that was because I liked being prepared for things, anticipated and unexpected.

Nothing has changed.

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Mango Ginger Turmeric Smoothie

Lately I have been looking into recipes and foods that help heal the gut. Some of the items that came up were local honey (raw and unpasteurized), turmeric, ginger, kefir and many other things.

I was excited to see a smoothie at a local bistro contain many of these ingredients, but unfortunately, it’s too costly and inconvenient to go back on a regular basis to get one, so I decided to try creating it at home.

I am so glad I did! This is now another favourite to add to our smoothie collection. It’s packed with gut healing ingredients and full of flavour!

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When Hopes and Dreams Don't Turn Out The Way We Planned

Hope deferred make the heart sick, but desire fulfilled is a tree of life. Proverbs 13:12

Have you ever had a hope or dream that didn’t turn out the way you had hoped?

Me too. So. Many. Times.

During those times, I have been discouraged and to be honest, I had a bad attitude when those things didn’t turn out.  I went into bitterness, anger and disbelief that was directed at God and I even began to question whether His Word was even true. 

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